Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mini matryoshka

I stitched up this cute Russian Sweetie yesterday for part of my Urban Home Goods Swap! I think she turned out super cute!! Now to finish the dresden plate!! I only have till Friday so I'll be working on that today and tomorrow! :)

This cutie mini matryoshka (Russian Sweetie) can be found in my sil's Tasha's, etsy shop!!

For some flickr news~ The Pillow Talk Swap is now in full swing!! This is one of my favorite groups of Heather and I's. The amount of talented crafters keep growing each round, as we are at almost 100 members participating this round!! Each round I have been more astonished by the creative and fabulous pillows made!!

I made a helpful mosaic for my dear partner to give some hints of what represents my favorites!! As most know, I love red and aqua, woodland creatures including gnomies and mushrooms, and have been drooling over all the interactive piecing!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. Kerri, your russian doll is too cute!!! I am sure your partner will LOVE it!! I enjoyed reading your and Heather's interview in FQ, I will have to get into the next round of the pillow talk swap. I almost did it this round, but I let my insecurities get the best of me!!

  2. What a happy little embroidery! It is SO pretty. Great job!

  3. Nice! I'm secretly in love with matiochkas...

  4. so cute!! and i'm so excited for the pillow talk swap!! ;-)

  5. Cute! I am excited about the pillow talk swap too - so fun - can't wait to see what everyone creates


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