Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 small finishes!!

I finished the 3 mini's last night with the binding, just in time for the deadline!! I love the way they turned out, and will be sad to see them go, but excited for the ones arriving!!

Small Sprouts~ finsihed with a linen binding, and ready to go to digs&bean from the placemat swap group.

Red and Aqua Snippets~ Finished with an aqua polka dot binding and ready to go to Claudia from Sugared Limes!! I LOVE this one!! :) I might have a matching one soon!!

A Touch of Texture~ Also with an aqua polka dot binding, and ready to go to Rita from the STUD mini quilt swap group. I am loving the added ribbons!!

Hope everyone has a splendid Holiday week. We are already looking foward to enjoying the 4th of July!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

a few new arrivals!!

A few Japanese fabrics arrived this week, one from bulabean~ the squirrels holding a parasol on aqua, and from sobella~ Bo Peep, and a cute little fairytale one. Then to top it off, I got the cutest gnome and mushroom vintage lamp off etsy!! I am sooo in love with this adorable lamp, and my collection of these irmi lamps is slowly growing. I'll share in an upcoming post of all the ones i've collected to date!!

Isn't this the cutest!! :)

Hope you have a fantastic week-end!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

red and aqua snippets

I finally got to try the snippets quilts!! It had been on my list for quite awhile, and when Claudia asked for a red and aqua quilt, I thought this would be a great one to try!! I added a couple larger white squares too for a little sketchy stitchy applique, as Claudia had mentioned she really likes that tecqnique as well. This was a fun quilt, and will need to make one for my home now. :)

Tasha had asked in my comments from my last post, how I get so much sewing done. One reason I like doing the mini quilts is I'm able to do more projects, in a lot less time, and I get to try new tecqniques quicker. Most of them I can whip out in one evening after the kids go to bed, and then work on here and there during the day or a following evening to finish up. Though, I need to start getting back to the larger ones, since my other kiddos are still waiting on their quilts.

This week I need to finish up these 3 mini's and send them off to their new homes!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

small sprouts

I'm almost done with this cute little placemat!! It is for digs & beans from the placemat swap group. She metioned that her favorite color is green and she would love something mod. The fmf sprouts were my inspiration, so small sprouts was a very fitting name!! I think I'm going to have a hard time giving this cutie up!!

Just need to add the binding, and get started on the mini quilt for Claudia, from Sugared Limes!!

Hope you have a super spectacular week-end!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a touch of texture

I had so much fun doing this simple little coin quilt top for the STUD quilt group, and it's for the lovely Rita. The theme this month is texture, so adding in a little ribbon to a few of the coins was a perfect touch!! I will definately be doing this again!!

I have two more mini swap quilts to get started on and finish up, so I better get busy, busy since it is already the 18th!!

The end!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

plenty of packages!!

Yesterday was a fun day of opening package after package!! With being gone over a week they sure added up quickly with my STUD quilt arriving, some of the quilting bee fabrics, and the abundance of swaps I've been taking part of in Heather and I's new fabric swapping group!! If you haven't joined and would like to take part in some swapping of all the heavenly oop fabrics, go and sign up, and enjoy!! ;)

My alphabet mania quilt~ g is for... a gregarious gnome, grinning in his garden! Ansje also sent along lots of goodies... some garden postcards, a garden girl notepad, a goldfish coin purse, and some girl in the garden stickers!! How cute is that!! I think I was the luckiest one in the group, and recieved the cutest quilt!! THANKS Ansje for making a little quilt that I would love!! ;)

I just love all the embroidery detail!! It is amazing!!

The oop fabrics that I now get to call my own! Aren't they sooo yummy! I can't wait to cut into these!!

THANKS, Joree, Suzanne, Valerie, Katie, and Kim for such fun swaps!! I love all of it!! :)

I'm headed to the post office again today with a few more fabric swaps that are in progess!! Did I mention how FUN this is!! And, all it costs is a little postage!!