Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a mini quilt wednesday

I have both the mini quilts done and they are both on their way!! Hopefully they will be enjoyed and loved in their new homes!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the little mini's, and already have two mini quilt swaps set up for June. :)

This is Ariels, red and aqua quilt with mushrooms and hedgies!! I love how it turned out, and even got to do a little sketchy stitchy applique for the first time!!

The M quilt for alphabet mania in the STUD quilt group. I'm calling it- Merry Mini's with a touch of Minnie Muu, just for Ansje. I'm also loving this one, with all the yummy darla fabrics!!

I snuck in a cute little yellow mocking bird!! :)

We are taking a little trip at the end of this week to California, and will be gone for a little over a week! I'll sure miss the quilting bloggie world!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

a quilting bee & my swap with ariel

I joined this lovely quilting bee, and am so excited to get my fabrics out!! I have them all cut and am getting them packaged and ready to ship out. I'm asking for scrappy log cabins and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I think it is going to be one lovely quilt for my little ethan!!

Ethan, my 3 year old. Ethan LOVES cars, so I think this will be the perfect quilt for him!

I received my swap piece from Ariel yesterday, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I couldn't be more thrilled with it, and it is already hanging in my sewing room. :) If you would like one of your own, there is one in Ariels Etsy shop.

I also got this from Ariel, the oh so cute, little gnome and mushroom sketch!! I LOVE this one too!! Isn't Ariel soooo talented!! You'll have to hop on over and see her adorable little red riding hood sketch she just did. I think that one would look so cute in my girls room!! :)

Hope everyone enjoys thier holiday week-end!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two lovely mini quilts!

This week I've been working on two mini doll quilts, and both for swaps. I've got the quilt tops done for both, and just need to quilt them.

The first one is the Merry Minnie Muu Quilt for the Swap Till you Drop group on flickr. I signed up for the alphabet mania and got the letter M. I first thought of doing a quilt with mushrooms but my partners isn't much for them. She requested the darla fabrics, so I stuck in some Minnie Muu's to keep with the m theme. :)

Ariel and I decided to swap a mini quilt for one of her lovely little sewing machine, art pieces!! These are the most amazing works of arts, and can't believe I will have one of my very own. This one is on it's way now!!! If you love these too, she has one in her new etsy shop!! :)

For the mini quilt, Ariel asked for something with red, aqua, and mushrooms. Now, that was right up my alley! :)

Now, off to bound and quilt them!! Hope you have a magical week!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

holey jeans + fabric squares = something cute

The last few days I've patched up three different pairs of my daughters holey jeans by fusing some cute fabric patches. I've also made some fun tees to match. These were all done quickly in the morning before she headed off to school. There are several more I need to repair. Now there won't be a need to go buy new ones!! :) And, how exciting is it to see your eight year old love what you've made more than those high priced designer clothes!

I love the little squirrels with umbrellas! They sure do fit in well in the rainy state of Washtingon!

A cute little deer!

Japanese deers, mushrooms, and some aqua darla!

I also did a bird set for her, but she is wearing that today, and I forgot to get a picture of her before she ran out the door.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

mysteries at the market quilt

This week-end I got the Mysteries and the Market quilt all done. :) I love the way it turned out, and think the colors and fabrics are so a lovely together!! Quilting just gets funner and funner, and can't wait to do many more quilts!! Next, is a coin quilt I'm working on, and some lap quilts for my boys.

The quilt measures approx. 42 X 54, a perfect size for my 7 year old!

My favorite block! I just love the HR Munki Munki jump roping girls, aren't they so cute!!

I added a couple strips to the back, the hr banana bikes and the coordinating stripes!

The end!

Friday, May 8, 2009

mysteries at the market~ being quilted!

It took me awhile to start quilting the mysteries at the market quilt since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the back. I finally figured it out, and went simple, and just started quilting it yesterday!! Hopefully will be done today or tomorrow. :)

I also want to let you know of a great giveaway of some lovely Amy Bulter fabrics, going on over at Lila Mae Quilts!! :)

Hope every one has a bright and sunny week-end!! It's suppose to be sunny in Seattle, and with having had rain all week, I'm ready for some sun!! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mushroom friends

Yesterday, I made a couple little mushroom softies. I've seen some on flickr, and had to make some for my home!! Now I've got requests from my kiddos, and they've even picked the fabrics out, and are ready for me to make one for each of them today.

I applied this fun gnome and mushroom vinyl yesterday, along with a few others I had gotten in a trade from Elephannie. I just love how it looks like painted art!! :)

The End!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

i heart mushrooms!!

This week-end I did my first paper piecing, a gnome and mushroom, from this great pattern!! It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased at my first attemt. Though, when I was done, I realized that both pieces are opposite to the pattern. I haven't figured out why that happened. Does any seasoned quilter know why mine came out this way?? For future ones I'll probably have to figure it out since it might ruin the pattern if everything comes out opposite.

*update* Thanks to some very kind readers, I now know that the patterns are made backwards, so when sewing on the paper, it actually ends up opposite to the pattern. Yippee, I actually was doing it right!! :)

I am definately hooked on these fun doll quilts!! Or should I say "art" quilts!!

I fused the little cloud on after, but am not sure If I like it with the cloud now. I love the little hedgie running across the mushroom, though!! Isn't he cute!!

I also finally got this adorable Hello. print framed!! I did a trade with Sarah Jane last month for 3 prints, and I sent her some items from my etsy shop. I just love this little mushroom print, and am so happy to now be able to look at it everyday!! THANKS Sarah Jane!! Once I frame the other 2, and hang them in my kiddos rooms, I'll make sure to show and tell!!

sorry for the shadows of my sky lights on the print!!

Hope everyone has a super spectacular week!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

birds on a limb~ dqs6 quilt!!

I received my doll quilt yesterday, and it came all the way from Australia! This beauitful quilt was made by Helen, just for me!! I can't believe how much detail is in this work of art. I love the cute birds, the red and aqua, and the tree the birds are sitting on. I thought the name Birds on a Limb fit it well!! THANKS Helen!!

Since it was such a sunny, Seattle day, I thought the birds would enjoy sitting in a tree!! :)

Hanging in its new home, my dining room!

Hope you have a delightful week-end!