Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ticker tape spring pillows!

This week-end I had a lovely time working on a couple matching spring pillows.   I used Amy's sweet templates she designed for making a cute bunting.   I printed the bunny and chick out to fit a full page so they would be large enough for a pillow.  Like Amy, I also did a ticker tape design...and just LOVE it!!

 Don't they look so sweet together!!  I love how simple but cute they are. 

Sweet little bunny!

a cute little chick-a-dee!!

I had gotten in some yellow pom pom trim a little while back and this was the perfect project to use it on.

I mainly used my left over scraps from my granny squares along with a couple new ones that I just added to my stash.  The strips are each 1/2 inch wide.

A little tip on adding pom pom trim...I stitch it on the pillow top before I stitch the back on so it doesn't move about and cause a headache.  :)

And here they are keeping the other pillows company!  They sure add that perfect spring touch to the home!! 

THANKS Amy, for creating the cutest little templates!!   They were so fun to work with!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

i ♥ pillows!!

Last Friday I received the loveliest pillow in the mail!!  Tamiko/Strawberrylicious made such a perfectly A M A Z I N G pillow just for me!  I love the stars and pretty patches in between.  The fabrics couldn't be more perfect either.  Isn't it just spectacular!!  THANKS Tamiko!!

I've always adored Leciens Flower Sugar, and she even included a couple Lecien strawberry fabrics. YUM!

I really love how Tamiko did the back with including a zipper!!  I need to learn this trick on a future pillow.

And, here it is on the couch!!  Even my little guy is as happy as can be with our new addition!  :)


Also, last week I got a lovely convo from Amanda/A Crafty Fox asking me about those extra squares left over from the pillow I made.  She wondered if I'd be interested in a side swap.  I had actually already sewn them together and stippled the top.   I added the backing and binding to finish it off and it will be winging it's way to Amanda today!!   THANKS for asking to do a side swap, Amanda!!  Such a fun bonus.  :)

I really love how this one is so much different from the last one I made.  Adding a white border, and stippling it sure made it just as original.  I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite from the two. 

I used some seed cataloluge in black for the binding that I had just gotten in last week!  It is already going fast in the shop!!  I also have the white with black text. 

Doesn't it make a fun print for the binding!!

So, as you can see I've had lots of fun with pillows lately!!  They sure are addicting!!  Fast, fun and adds such a wonderful touch to the home.  I really do   pillows!!  :) 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

kiss me...

as i am irish!! :)

 vintage postcard from my pinterest

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my friends!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

apple cores...wip!

Today has been a work in progress day. I had started cutting some apple cores a little while back but they got set aside. I always have too many projects I want to do at one time!!  I pulled them out today, cut some more and did a little stitching. I'd never done curves so it was fun to work with these. Hopefully I'll get better as I do more!!

I'm thinking of making a quilt with these, so it will probably be a long wip.  But hey, even if I get them done little by little, at least it will be a lovely quilt in the end...right!?!

They looks so yummy in the breakfast bowl, I could eat them up!!  ;)


And of course LOTS of my favorites fabrics!!  I just can't get enough of them!!  :) 

I used an apple core template I had gotten at Joanns and it was pretty easy to cut them! 

Have you ever done curves or apple cores?  Is there any secrets, tips or tricks you know that makes it a bit easier??

 I think I may go sew a few more together now.  :)  See you next week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a vintage quilt & japanese + and x pillow

This week-end I went to a few antique shops in the area with my hubby as a little birthday treat!!  It was my birthday on Sunday, so we celebrated it a little early with some shopping on Saturday!!  I found such a lovely hand pieced and tied vintage quilt that I couldn't leave sitting there on the shelf.  I don't know why, I seem to get a little emotional thinking of the love and work that goes into these vintage items, that end up being forgotten.  I guess it is just a part of life, but it makes me feel a little better that it can be loved again.  :)

I've always loved diamonds and it is so pretty as a star!! The white background sure makes them pop!!  All the fabrics are simply delightful too.

I also got all nine blocks sewn together this week-end for my Japanese x and + pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap!  I then sewed it all together, and it turned out to be 22 inches!!  Yikes!! 

For some reason I was thinking it was going to be 20 inches which is already a really large pillow, but 22 inches was just too big!!  I spent some time seam ripping all the blocks apart and then sewed 4 back together and added a simple border.  I was worried it wouldn't be scrappy enough, but I really like how it turned out.

I love how bright, cheery and retro it looks!!  It was really fun to sew something I normally wouldn't.  That is one of the best things about swaps.

Doesn't it look lovely with the vintage quilt!!

I pieced one of the extra blocks to the back since I have some extra.  :)

It is now flying it's way to ????  I sure hope my partner loves it.  It was such a pleasure to make!!

Hope you have a lovely week!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sewing and snowing!!

This morning was fun to wake up to a lovely blanket of white outside!! With not feeling well this last week (thanks so much for all the kindest well wishes!), it got me in the mood to sew a little. I had gotten a couple more granny squares done last week and then got a couple more done today!! I only have 4 more left and then I'll get to start sewing the quilt top together!!

I really love how they are turning out!! The colors looks so soft and pretty against the linen!! And of course I had to take them outside to get a few pictures of them in the snow before it all melted away. :)

Here are the four new ones!
Little Red Riding Hood in Red, Aqua and Pink

Squirrel in the rain!

Hansel and Gretal

Little Red Riding Hood in Pink and Green

I can't wait to see it all put together!  I think it is going to be a favorite new quilt!!

This week-end my son had a boy scout cake auction, and this is the cake that we made.  With me not feeling so well, my hubby did a lot of it with him, but I helped with the trees.  :)  I think it turned out really cute!!

Hope you are having a lovely day!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

japanese x blocks!

I've been moving a bit slow this week! I've had some medical issues lately and finally got into the doctor a few days ago. I've had a lump that has grown, and it has become a little too painful to bear sometimes. I've finally got a date for surgery later this month to have it removed. I'm a bit scared, but am glad that it will be gone soon. :)

For sewing I haven't gotten as much done as I hoped, but started working on that pretty stack!! Thanks so much for all the input, and advise!! I ended up just adding a few more fabrics to balance it out a little and I've added in a bit more color. I decided on the Japanese X block, as that is such a fresh and modern block. I'm so glad I went that route, as I really love how they are turning out, and I think it is just my partners style!!

Badskirt-Amy has a fabulous tutorial with diagrams and step by step instructions. I even printed the diagrams out so they were right there while I was stitching the blocks together!

I have 9 to make for the pillow. I think that will be perfect number to give it that real scrappy look!! I can't wait to see how the pillow turns out!!

Here are the blocks individually!

Aren't these fun blocks!?! You may be seeing a bunch more in the future as they are so fun to make!! :)

I hope you are having a fabulous week!! See you next week!!