Thursday, September 24, 2009

munki madness!!

the munki munki finally arrived yesterday!! we have been cutting, cutting, and doing more cutting!! we will be working on getting everyones orders out as quickly as possible. please have patience as we get them all cut and ready to ship. :)

Isn't this such a lovely stack!! Just needing to be cut. :)

All the ones cut and ready to be packaged!

I can't wait to cut into some of mine, and start on a project soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

finished~ the mini snowball!

I was able to get the mini snowball done this week-end, and it will be on it's way today. A little late, but I sure hope it will be worth the wait!

This was such a fun and simple pattern, and I love the look. Hopefully in the near future I will do a larger version, but for now it is on my long list of quilts to do! For next month, I signed up for the STUD mini swap, and am so excited that the months theme is woodland!! I can't wait!! If you want to sign up you have till the end of the month. My only suggestion if you do, is to ask Kimmie that you be paired with someone that is also a "modern" quilter. :)

The back~ one of my favorite Heather Bailey prints!!

Hope everyone has a spectacular week! The munki munki should hopefully be arriving today or tomorrow, and then I will be up to my ears in munki!! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

the mini snowball

I got the top done to the mini snowball quilt! Yeah!! A little late, but I think I can get it done this week-end and get it out in the mail on Monday so my partner doesn't have to wait much longer. I love the snowball, how it has a similar look to the hexegon, which is one of my fav's! I sure hope my partner loves it!!

The pictures are a bit dark. But at least if gives you a sneaky peaky to what it is looking like. :)

See ya next week! :)

a mini doll quilt

I had a wonderful surprise in my mail box yesterday! The mini doll quilt from Kim. When I opened it I gave a little gasp because I knew right away which one it was. I had eyed it on flickr earlier in the week. Kim did a fantastic job making me a beautiful quilt that I would love, with detailed embroidery and she even did a red and aqua combo! Thanks so much, Kim!! I absolutely LOVE it!!

My hubby took a picture of me and my lovely doll quilt! :)

such beautiful embroidery!

I absolutley LOVE all the mini mushrooms!!

THANKS again Kim! You made my week!! I'm a bit behind on mine so I'm off to go work on it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Munki Munki!

I just finished putting in my second order and have added 9 new ones to the collection. :) I will be adding them to my etsy shop this afternoon as pre orders, along with relisting many of the other ones!

I'm off to an appointment to enroll my little Ethan in pre-school! Yippee for pre-school! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Munki Munki~ Now Available as Pre Orders!!

I just finished my first wholesale order with Munki Munki!! Thanks to the lovely Suzanne, aka foofanagle, for suggesting it... they are now available in my etsy shop (as pre orders). Unfortunately they don't sell the fabrics, just the pj's, but to us Heather Ross and Munki Munki lovers, it doesn't stop us from getting all those lovely prints that they make. Since I've ordered them straight from Munki Munki (not getting them at Marshells for the low prices), I have done my very best to keep the prices reasonable. I just started listing them in my etsy shop as smaller cuts, ie. leg panels, sleeves, and front and back panels. I'm now taking pre orders for those that want to secure theirs for the first shipment. Pleae feel free to convo me for first pick. :) They will be shipped early next week, so I should have then in about a week and a half.

Here are the ones I've ordered~

Munki Munki on poplin

Munki Munki on flannel

Aren't these just the cutest!! I can't wait for them to arrive!
Hope everyone has a splendid week-end!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


these scrubbies arrived at my door step yesterday from angela, and now i get to wash my dishes in style! yippie, nothing better than getting excited to do a chore!! little hedgie wasn't complaining either since he had a little bed to sleep on last night. :)

thanks for such a fun swap, angela!!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

swap crazy

It was a great 4 day week-end with taking a little get-away with my hubby to go see Dave Matthews band, and finishing off our holiday week-end with an enjoyable labor day with some nearby family. I didn't get any sewing done, so hopefully this week I can catch up and get my doll quilt swap quiltie done.

The last little bit there has been lots of swappiness going on for me. I think I sent out 10 swap packages last week. I am constantly telling myself that I think I have everything I would want/need, but then another one pops up in the group pool that I just can't live without, like the munki munki red riding hood, or those lovely munki pool floaties. Hopefully this week will be a bit more quiet on the swappy end, and more busy on the sewing end!!
such a pretty stack!

some lovely coordinating pieces i swapped with heather in our mega swap!! :)

painting red rino!! LOVE the picnic one, and have now swapped twice just to get a little more.

a new little red riding hood to add to my LRRH stash!

a few forest animals, mushrooms and flowers!

yellow gnomes, and uptown, paint by number daisy's.

THANKS to all my swappy friends (Kirsten, Heather, Amanda, Amber, Emily, Dana, Adrienne, and Rachel) I love each and every one!! I think one of the best parts of swapping all these lovely fabrics is getting to know everyone a little better. We have such a wonderful group of online friends, and how fun it is that we share the same love of all things yummy!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

my studio

Lately we've been moving things around so we have a larger space for our studio. I love that I'm in the same work space as my husband as he does all the packing and shipping. We get to work together every evening as we get the orders ready, and it has been so enjoyable (at least for me!!). He even now knows all the names of the fabric collections and designers. Though, this isn't the type of business he ever thought of him self doing, since as a child he hated going to quilt shops with his mom, but he sure is a great support, and I think it is growing on him!!

Here are a few pictures I took, so you can get a little sneak peak of where I am everyday!!

A few of my favorite things!! Ariel's illustrations and the most adorable fabrics!! I've even talked her into designing a humpty dumpty fabric, and illustrating a Lily Red Riding Hood just like her fabric. I can't wait to get her full collection!! They probably will end up framed and hung in my kids rooms, but for now I simply love looking at them everyday!!

I also will be adding the Kei Honeycomb collection and Kei daisy dots (don't they look familiar!!) to my etsy shop as pre-orders!! They should be arriving in the next several weeks.

Hope everyone has a bright and sunny day!!