Tuesday, May 29, 2012

vintage nursery quilt

We had a lovely holiday week-end and had more fun times with Tasha's family.   With all the kiddos enjoying their time with cousins, and the guys having fun with their toys; Tasha and I were able to squeeze in a little sewing again.   :)

I was able to finish up the sweet life blocks that I started the other week.  I'm heading out of town tomorrow and am so excited I'll get to hand deliver it to my sister.

These pictures I took are in Ava's cute nursery (thanks Tasha!).  Doesn't it looks so sweet hanging on her adorable crib!

And you have to get a walking quilted picture!  :)

A close up of the quilting and the binding.   I used Tanya Whelans, Sugar Hill, Plaid in Ivory that I just got in for the shop a couple weeks ago!  I love Tanya's sweet Sugar Hill collection!!

Again I used a sweet vintage sheet for the back.  I think this one was a perfect match for the quilt!

I better get to some packing and quick clean up before I head out of town.  I'll be taking my two little ones to Iowa to see some family for a couple weeks. We'll still have the shop open and my hubby and sil will keep up with the orders and shipping.  I'll try to get on everyday to answer convos and relist things.   Hopefully I can get on once for an update on my blog too, as I know I'll miss my sweet online friends!  :) 

See ya soon,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

vintage granny square quilt!

This week-end while my hubby and boys were off camping with Tasha's hubby and boys we had a fun and relaxing time with us girls. I sure love my boys, but it is also nice to have some girly time. Shopping, eating out, watching pride and prejudice and of course sewing!! It was a lovely week-end, and am so excited I was able to finish my vintage granny square quilt!! I love how it turned out, and is a new favorite, for sure! I think I say that almost every time I finish a quilt! :)

One of my favorite places is the marina just down the road from our house.  It is a place I go often with my boys while the other kiddos are in school, so this morning I took my quilt along with me.  :)

I used a lovely vintage sheet for the back that I found a couple weeks ago at a thrift store.  I just love the pure softness and you don't have to piece the back to get it begin enough.  It is also much more cost effective which is a plus!

For the binding I used one of the Old New 30's, Floral Hearts in Red.

Here are a couple pictures from the other week of the boys at the marina!  I think they looks so sweet!

I hope you are having a lovely day and enjoy your week! 


Monday, May 7, 2012

petite petal pocket pillow

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my petal pocket pillow! Reading all your kind words really does brighten my days! :) Yesterday we had a fun little birthday party for my sweet adorable niece that is turning 2. I get to see her a couple times a week so we are quite attached to this little one! She is the cutest! Here is a post when she turned one. On Saturday I whipped up a mini petal pocket pillow so it would be a perfect size for her to carry around. It is a 16 inch pillow instead of 20 inches like my other one. I photo copied the pattern and reduced it by 20%.

I love the pretty blanket of petals that cover the ground this time of year.  It only lasts for a short time, so it is fun to see it with the petal pocket pillow. 

The sweet matryoshka doll is one I've had for some time from Emily of Ravenhill.  Her shop was a favorite, and sure do miss it!! 

All the fabrics are Lecien except the background fabric is Essex Linen in Natural (I have more on order that should be here later this month).  The petals are the Old New 30's, and the center pocket is Folk Heart.

I did some simple hand stitching for the quilting with some bright turquoise DMC floss, and the binding is a Lecien pink and red polka dot.

It was a fun one to whip up and loved working with the Old New 30's again!!  Definitely a new favorite!! I hope you had a lovely week-end too, and enjoy your week.  Hugs!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

pretty petal pocket pillow & old new 30's has arrived!!

Today has been such a lovely day already!!  It is a beautiful spring day with the sun shining!!  We've been having the most delightful spring weather and it sure makes me happy!!  This morning I was able to finish up a pillow I started last week, Nova's Petal Pocket Pillow!  I bought the pattern when she first came out with it and have had it on my list since.  I'm so happy to have it done, and of course it is the perfect Spring pillow to go along with all the lovely days we've been having!!  :)

The cute little mushroom softies I made a few years ago so had to test out the pocket.  On my list is to make some new little felt softies.  Hopefully this week.  :)

I received a fun little package last week for my stash of some reproduction prints so I had fun using some of these.  Aren't they pretty!?!


Then right after I finished taking some pictures of the pillow, guess what arrived?!?  Yep, Leciens Old New 30's!!  Oh, that made my already lovely day into a fabulously fantastic day!!   The fabrics are all gorgeous and it is so fun to see them on bolts!!  

I've made them into bundles, and since there has been so much anticipation for this collection I'm going to keep them in the bundles for now and not do yardage so I have plenty to go around (unless otherwise discussed previously).  :)

Mini Flowers

Deers in a Meadow

Tulip Bouquets

Floral Hearts

Petite Rose Buds and Pin Dots

Spring Meadow

Strawberries and Cherries with Polka Dots

Aren't they so pretty!!  There are 3 different fabric weights in the collection with some of them being 100% cotton and then some of them are a linen cotton blend.  I just love all of them!!   They will be popping up in my shop as bundles today!  :)

Hope you are having a fabulous Spring day too!!