Thursday, July 25, 2013

road trip + hexies = fun!!

It has been a bit crazy lately with arriving back home and having family in town.  We had such a lovely trip to Yellowstone & Iowa!  I'd never been to Yellowstone so I was in complete amazement the entire time.  I truly loved it.  We then went onto Iowa so we could visit some of my family.

One of the best parts of taking road trips is being able to work on hexies.  I finished my June block and then also started on my July block.

My June block!  

 My July block!  I think I'm going to really like this one.  Some of these fabrics are my favorites!

 While in Iowa we went to the pool a couple times so brought along my hand stitching.

I also was able to start on my Sewing Room Swap project.  I love pretty hexie flowers and these will make a great wall hanging or pillow.

Since we've been home we've gone to the beach several times.  Now I'm stitching the hexies flowers together.  :)

A geyser at West Thumb.  My kiddos didn't really like going and seeing the geysers as they have a very strong smell.  I hope they eventually remember their spectacular beauty.

Old Faithful

This giant bison came into our campsite.    He really was huge, and fun to watch!  What an amazing animal!

The grand canyon of Yellowstone!  It was beautiful!!

Mammoth Hot Springs

I loved going to a couple of my favorite antique shops while in Iowa!  It made the trip complete.  :)

Here are some of the lovely vintage finds.  I see there was an aqua and pink theme with what I ended up purchasing.  Hee Hee!

  I found a couple vintage quilts.  I love the feedsack one!  

A close-up of some of the pretty feedsacks!

I also found a fabulous rough postage stamp quilt!  

 When I got home I found this lovely antique gate.  I love the rustic red and aqua paint!

There is nothing quite as fabulous than to return home from a long trip to find some pretty fabrics and a lovely gift in the mail!

This pretty pouch is from my sweet and talented friend Amy!  Thanks so much!!  It is so lovely!!  

There was much more that we did but it is hard to get it all in one blog post.   Though, I'm glad I was able to share a little of my trip with you.  :)