Thursday, June 28, 2012

all done~ a patchwork mothers dream pillow!

This morning I finished the patchwork mother dream pillow!  Yippee!  It really turned out sweeter than I imagined and the black is now one of my favorite parts!!   I never thought I'd love black in a pillow, but really the seed catalogue is a favorite no matter what color.  :)  I hope my partner loves it too.   It will be winging it way to it's new home today or tomorrow.

The pillow with my vintage rustic blooming chair, and polka dot pot my hubby planted for me!  Some sweet new additions to our yard.  :)

I added a border of seed catalogue, and then the binding is Annie's Farm Stand, Strawberry Toss...another favorite!

I love the sweet pillow with the pretty flowers!

And some little extras so the pillow doesn't have to travel alone.  :)  Some Flower Sugar and a vintage embroidered hand towel.

Here are a couple of the other vintage embroidered hand towels that I had found recenty on Etsy.  Aren't they so cute!!

gardening puppy dogs!

I added some new Astuko fabrics to the shop and thought you may want to know.  :)  Strawberries and polka dots!


I hope everyone is having a lovely week!  With my kiddos now out of school this week, we have been enjoying more days out in the sun!  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a patchwork mothers dream

It has taken me a little bit to get back to a normal schedule since I've been back.  It will be a week tonight, and I finally feel like I'm pretty much caught up on everything.  I had such a lovely time with my family, and already miss them.    Though it is great to be back to see all my family here.  :)

This last week-end I was able to start on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow.  I'm doing little mini patchwork mothers dream blocks.   They are six inch square and are lots of fun to make!  I've got six done and only have 3 more to make.  

 I just love the colors!  I hope my partner does too.

With the pretty stacks I've been grabbing from.   

I'm not sure what I think of the two with the black background seed catalouge squares.  I'm considering re-doing those ones.  What do you think?  Is it too over bearing with those, or does it give it the right amount of contrast?  Eek, I always second guess myself with swaps.  Help!

I have to show you a couple of the photos I did of my sweet little niece with her new quilt I made her.  Isn't she adorable!!

 I just adore her big eyes and chubby cheeks!  I had lots of fun kissing on them.  ;)

We also took some picture of my sisters and I for my mom the day before I left.    Sisters really are the best, and love them dearly!   Here is my favorite one (I'm on the far right)~

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and enjoy the remainder of it!


Friday, June 8, 2012

iowa vintage finds & antique flower in pastel!

I've been having such a lovely time with my family in Iowa. I'm here until next Wednesday and then fly back home. I've spent a few of my days with my sisters and Mom going to several antique shops. One of the days my sister and I went to the Amana Colonies which is a German settlement. I was able to find some lovely vintage finds on my little outings that are just the sweetest.

At an antique/quilt shop I found a sweet vintage nursery embroidered quilt!  It is all hand stitched and the detail is so beautiful!    It took my breath away when I saw it!

I showed my mom when I got back and she started to cry as she said it is so similar to what my baby quilt looked like.   I was born in Iran since my dad was working there for Boeing and that was one sentimental thing that got left when they were rushed out when the Shah was over thrown.  So I don't remember my baby quilt.   I feel so blessed to have found this special little quilt! 

It had several large brown stains and was able to work some magic on it.  I used some oxi-clean by putting a scoop full in a small amount of water and then spread it on the stains.  I left it over night and then did it one more time the next morning and laid it in the sun for a couple hours.  I can hardly even see where they were now.  It really was like magic!

One of my favorites parts of the quilt is the binding.  There are the most delicate embroidered accents on a beautiful solid aqua.

At the same shop I found these lovely vintage feedsack squares.  They are in the loveliest reds, aquas and pinks!  The numbers are stitched onto the stack that tells how many squares are in each one.  It makes me wonder what project she had in mind for them.  I'm planning on making some 3/4 inch hexies with them.

Here is one of the antique shops in the Amana Colonies.  They had quite a few antique much fun!!

A sweet vintage book and a couple vintage feedsack rag balls.  I want to make a small rag rug and maybe do strips of the feedsack with strips of a white solid.  Has anyone made one before or know of any good tutorials?

This is another one of my favorite finds...a vintage nursery rhyme brush-n-palette set.  It is in such lovely condition!  There are about 20 pages of nursery stories and only one has been painted on.  I thought I'd scan them and clean them up a bit and offer them as an embroidery set.  :)

I'm always looking for vintage hankies.  I really love these ones.

A pair of crocheted boy and girl pot holders.  Aren't they adorable!!

I have been working on my star hexagon paper pieces here and there too. It is the perfect project since I don't have my sewing machine.  :)

I only have one more to make and then add some diamonds to the sides to square it up.  I can't wait to see it all finished!

Earlier in the week we spent part of the day in Nauvoo.  It is one of my favorite places.  We got there a little later in the day so missed some of the activities I wanted to do so am hoping to go back once more before we leave.

My mom and my little guys in Nauvoo.  

Some sweet fabric has arrived since I've been out of town.  My husband and sil are helping with the shop so these pictures were taken by them.  :)   A few more Sweet Shoppe fabric to add to the ones I already had.

The beautiful Antique Flower in Pastel has finally arrived!  Yippee!  Doesn't it look so lovely!  I can't wait to see it when I get back. 

I hope everyone has had a lovely week and enjoys their week-end!!  Happy Friday, my friends!