Monday, May 24, 2010

red & aqua cuteness~ more decorating!

The last couple weeks I've added some new red and aqua cuteness to our home! I still have more plans but I'm loving how everything is coming together. Slowly but surely. :) It seems like an on going project, adding little by little. I think my next project will be a scalloped bunting.

These cute aqua shelves were the needed accent for a couple embroidery hoops. I just got some more vintage red and aqua hoops on ebay so need to find a place to add a few more lovely embroideries I've received in swaps.

Isn't this the most adorable little mushroom turtle!! He just arrived on Saturday from far off Aussie land! My sweet friend Amy made him for me, for the Urban Home Goods Swap but he sadly didn't fit in the package. When I bought some cutsie ribbon from her shop she sent him along. I absolutely am in L O V E with him. THANKS, Amy!!

And pom poms!! I've been wanting to add some fun pom poms for ages!! Ever since I saw my other sweet friend Amy, aka Nanacompany decorating with them here , they have been on my list. So excited I finally got some!!

I got these cute polka dot boots at Joanns! They make the perfect little vases! :)

a few larger ones hanging from the fan!

A quick and easy project, by adding a little of my favorite BB polka dot fabric!

See ya later this week!


  1. Pom Poms... only you would find them in aqua and red!! darling!! ;)

  2. Kerri, your boots arrangement is ADORABLE! I love that idea! too cute!

  3. Love it! My new sewing room is about to be aqua and red!

  4. Those pompoms are great! Did you make them or buy them? If bought where from? I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to contact me to tell as I'd really love some for my home too!! so bright and cheery! Justine xx

  5. The boots as vases are an adorable idea!! I love it! :)

  6. I love the boots w/ pompoms - what a cute idea!

  7. very cute decorating! and in the best colors!

    did you see the gnome dishes and lunch boxes at joann's that match the boots? they had some cute garden gnomes in red and aqua too.

    did you see the weather report for this weekend?
    blah. :(

  8. thanks for all the sweet comments!! the pom poms i bought from this etsy shop~

    there are tutorial on how to make them too. :)

  9. I adore your sweet little mushroom turtle!!!

  10. First of all Kerri, your stitching has inspired me to pick up a needle and some cotton and start stitching! Yay!!

    Second..TURTLE!!!! He is sooooooo cute!!!! Can I be his surrogate mommy? I {heart} turtles! :)

  11. Im quite smitten with red and aqua as well. Your work is amazing.

  12. So fun to look at your blog... I just can't believe how much you manage to do!!! I decided to comment on this post, because I am in LOVE with your centerpiece - it is just too cute!


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