Thursday, April 29, 2010

darling dresdens!

I just started on my Urban Home Goods Swap yesterday! Yikes, the deadline is next Friday so I've been busy, busy, busy!! My partner loves gnomies, mushies and polka dots!! I am in high
H E A V E N! I decided to make two at the same time so I'll have one for me.

I used Oh Fransson's, easy peasy Dresden plate tutorial.

Aren't those red and aqua mushies sooo cute!! They were designed by my SIL, Tasha!! LOVE them!!

The second part to my swap piece is this cute little Matryoshka doll, called a Russian Sweetie. Also designed by my SIL, and is available in her Etsy shop!! You'll have to wait and see what I end up doing with her. Heather gave me the perfect idea! :)

See ya next week!

Monday, April 26, 2010

fancied with farmers market~ mini quilt!

This week-end I had a baby shower to go to for my sweet cousin that is having her first baby! She doesn't know what she is having so I needed to go gender neutral. Now, what fabric just calls out gender neutral? Definitely the Munki Munki, Farmers Market! I thought it was perfect. I wanted to go simple so used the Denyse Schmidt, Drunk Love style. Me? A Mom?, did some of the cutest Munki Munki blocks using this style, so I used her blocks as inspiration to mine. I thought it turned out pretty cute! Sorry for the wrinkles, it had just came out of the dryer and we were running late. :)

The quilt is a stroller/car seat size. Approx. 26 X 26.

My signature booties and onesies!! I just can't go to a baby shower without them!! ;)

Hope you are having a magical Monday!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

stitching + more stitching = fun, fun fun!!

This week has been full of stitching!! 3 sticheries completed and one even is for a quilting bee!! Yeah for that many completed projects in one week!!

First is Jenni's bee block, which she asked for everyone to stitch a woodland animal. Of course I chose a cute little hedgie! One of my favorite woodland creatures!! Just LOVE them!! Now, I'm thinking of doing a similar theme for my month!! :) Pattern is by Annie Oakleaves.

Isn't she sooo sweet!!

Next, I finished Solidia's polka dot birds!! The polka dots are definitely my favorite part of them!! The colors are so bright and cheery too!! Pattern is by revidevi.

Last but not least, Crystals Stick Boy meets Match Girl also for the Hoop-up Stitch & Send Swap! This was such a hard one for me, as it was so out of my comfort zone. I kept going back and forth on which Tim Burton inspiration to stitch up! I sure hope you like it, Crystal!

Wishing you a terrific Thursday! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

squared sew nicey~ quilt top

I've had this lovely quilt top finished for a little over a week! Now I need to get it sandwiched and quilted, as I only have a few weeks till my sweet sister in laws baby shall arrive!

I love all the cutsie Nicey Jane, Darla, and Japanesey fabrics, oh just too adorable! I'm so glad she was so willing to let me use some of my favorites fabrics as I was sure itching to quilt with them!! The simple square in a square pattern was perfect for these sweet fabrics, as I love how each one is really showcased!

If you would like to see a sweet mini pinwheel quilt with same cutsie fabrics, hop on over to my other sil, Tasha's blog! We thought it would be fun for her to have some matching decor in her babies room! :)

Hope you are having a magical Monday!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

mushroom dolls!

I recently received these cute little mushrooms dolls!! They are super soft and sooo adorable!! These sweet little mushrooms girls were hand felted by the very talented Iris! I have always admired and adored all the wonderful and cute woodland pieces created by needle felting! One craft I am hoping to learn in the near future!!! These sure have me pushing myself to give it a try.

I just ordered these today!! They are the new Cosmo Cricket, Early Bird fabrics that should be arriving in my shop at the end of May or early June!! So excited for these yummy fabrics!!

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My latest embroidery projects have both been of cute little birds!! I purchases both the patterns from revidevi on Etsy and think they are so cute!!

The first one up is for my BFF, Heather! It is the elegant bird cage. I sure hope you like it, my dear friend!! :)

Second one up is called "Here We Are" and is for the sweet Solidia! She asked for birds and flowers. My favorite part is how the birds have polka dots!! So cute! Just have a little more to finish it up and then it will be ready to head on to it's new home. Both the embroideries are for the fun Hoop up! Stitch & Send swap group.

See ya soon! ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

easy peasy~ banner tutorial

Making banners is one of my favorites!! They are super easy and add the cutest touch to a room!! This one above is in my daughters room. :) Here is a simple tutorial~


measuring tape
triangle pattern (in my flickr)
pinking shears or pinking rotary cutter
6 X 10 inch fabric pieces
double wide bias tape

pin pattern to fabric piece

cut around pattern

isn't this simple!! :)

repeat till you have all your triangles cut

measure where you would like to have your banner hung...

then cut your bias tape a several inches longer. then you have a little room to work with.

arrange your triangles

pin your triangles in between the bias tape. i give about a fingertips space between the triangles.

zig zag stitch on top of the bias tape.

i use a large zig zag.

now it is ready to be hung!

hope you have fun!! now i'm ready to make another one!! :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

booties, banner and a bib!

I made a few simple but cute items for my sister in laws baby shower and they seemed to be a hit. I had made her little guy some booties when he was first born and she was sooo excited to get a pair for her next little one. :)

The banner I made to match the baby quilt so she can hang it above her little ones crib. I have a tutorial that is coming on Monday, so make sure to check back.

Sweet little panda booties, onesie and a bib!

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

girlie quilt~ wip

We've got a baby girlie that is expected in our family next month so how fun to have an excuse to make a little quilt! The baby shower is tomorrow and I should have the quilt top done to show my sister in law, as all the blocks are almost done. I'm also doing a couple more things that I'll show in another post. :)

I've seen several quilts made with this pattern and love how simple it is! I used 4 inch squares for the middle and 2 1/2 inch strips for sashing the squares.

and a couple easter pictures!! We had such a lovely week-end with family and the kiddos had a blast with their cousins!! THANKS, Tasha, it really was a wonderful day!!

Three pretty girlie girls all in a row!! What sweet cousins, and how fun, we didn't even plan the cute dresses to match!! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

Friday, April 2, 2010

a peek-a-boo bunny = ready for easter!!

Last night I worked on my other sweet little girlie's apron!! Rita was so sweet and drew up the cutest little bunny playing peek-a-boo for me. I love how the cute dresses look together, and I got them done just in time {always working till the last minute! :) } for them to wear them tomorrow for an Easter get together at my sister in law, Tasha's! Tasha's sweet little Ava will have a matching dress too, and we didn't even plan it! How fun!!

Such a sweet little bunny!!

Already for tomorrow!! :)

Hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter!! :)