Wednesday, September 25, 2013

hexagon mini quilt!

It has been way too long since I've posted on my blog.  I'm so sorry.  Life has sure been crazy lately.  I do post almost daily on Instagram if you ever want to see what I'm up to.  I'm sewdeerlyloved on Instagram.  :)

I'm a bit late with my hexagon mini quilt but am so excited that it is now done and on its way.   I really love how it turned out, and I sure hope my partner loves it too.

I  hand stitched 7 grandmothers flower gardens together and then stitched on an outer layer of hexagons to keep the original shape.

I love how it really catches each flower.

For the quilting I went back and forth for awhile on what I wanted to do.  I've never stippled over hexagons but thought it would give a lovely affect.  I  really do love how it turned out with the quilting.

The background fabric is a Lecien small gingham and the Binding is the floral from The Simple Life.

I also made a Prettified Pincushion from Ayumi's book Patchwork, Please!   I love making them!  They are so cute.   I also sent along some other pretty goodies.

The navy pincushion is an extra one I made since they are so fun.  I can see lots of these in my future.  :)

 Here are the buttons I made, so I still have some extras.

I recently added Flower Sugar to my shop.  This is such a beautiful collection.  I think it is my favorite Flower Sugar so far!  I love how there is polka dots and gingham mixed in!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!