Wednesday, June 26, 2013

sweet deer pillow & my studio

I'm so excited to finally be able to show you my sweet deer pillow I received from Julianna and it flew all the way from Poland!!  I love how adorable and perfect it is for my studio!!

There is such sweet detail and the colors and little extras like ric rac make it even that much cuter!!  I really do love it!!

I thought I'd show you around my studio a little.  I've added a few new things and I really love working in it that much more now.  :)

Sweet vintage sheets!!  And I'm always searching for new ones.  

Then I added a couple new pieces where the shipping station is to put some of my crafting supplies on.  :)

This one shows them together so you can see both. 

I'm so glad that summer is finally here.  As most know my favorite place to go in the summer is the beach.  We are so lucky to have it only a mile down the road so I really love to go as much as I can.  Here are some recent pictures.

We love going when the tide is out.  The kids love searching for all the sea creatures to admire.  :)

 Look mom, I found a baby crab!!

All the blackish/purple round things are live sand dollars.  It amazes me how at this time of year there are millions of them!!  It makes me sad when I accidentally step on one, but it is pretty much impossible not too.

My youngest and oldest!

This one is from last Sunday evening!  So pretty!!

For shop news, I'll be putting it in Vacation mode tomorrow for the next couple weeks for a little break and for some family time.  I'll be re-opening in mid July.   If you order before I put it in vacation mode your order will ship within 24-48 hours.  :)

See you in a couple weeks!!  Hugs,

Friday, June 7, 2013

kaleidoscope pillow

This last week I was able to finish my kaleidoscope pillow and get it sent off.  It already has made its way to its new home and was well received.  There is nothing better than getting a wonderful thank you and someone saying they've always wanted a pillow from me {blush, blush}!  Made my week and all the work well worth it!! 

I love this fun pattern!!  I'm now ready to make one for me since I love it so much!!  One of the best things about swaps is getting inspiration from others and creating something you normally may not have.    I love having to think outside the box and giving myself a bit of a challenge!

I used Lori Holts text print for the border and Leciens Old New 30's strawberries, cherries w/ polka dots for the binding.

The finished size is approx. 20 X 20.  I actually purposely make my pillows about a 1/2 to an inch smaller than the form as I like my pillows a little fuller. This one is about a 1/2 inch smaller than 20 inches.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday and has a wonderful week-end!!