Friday, December 31, 2010

a year in review!

It is always fun to look back and see all the crafting, quilting and swapping I've done! This year there unfortunately hasn't been nearly as much quilting as I would have liked. Hopefully next year there will be much more!! :)

Here are some of the projects I did this past year!! It is fun to see them all together!

Also in the Pillow Talk Swap, many of us have had fun putting together mosaics of the pillows we've created and ones we've received. Here are my mosaics. :)

The pillows I made

pillow talk swap ~ all four rounds!!

The pillows I've received! :) Aren't they all FABULOUS!! I love each one!!

pillow talk swap ~ all four rounds!

Hoping next year will be full of quilting and crafting!! Can't wait to get started!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a merry christmas!

We've had a wonderful Christmas week!! Lots of family, crafting, and cooking!! I just love this time of year and with six kiddos it is so heart warming to see the excitement in each of their eyes. I love how their anticipation grew each day as it got closer to Christmas!! I hope all my sweet online friends had a wonderful and merry Christmas too!! here are a few pictures from Christmas eve, and Christmas morning!! Hope you don't mind an abundance of them. ;)

Our home on Christmas morning!

Christmas Eve, baking cookies!!

My sweet hubby got me a KitchenAid mixer, in aqua!! I even got it a few days early so I could do some baking with it. :)

Our new family village!! I gave these to our family as a Christmas Eve present. There is kind of a funny story behind these. I had purchased a couple after searching etsy, and then my sil, Tasha told me how she had just got some for her family and did a little village with names. We thought it would be fun for both our families to each have one!! I think they are the CUTEST! Make sure to check out petitehouse and bookmark her as I've noticed she only sells for the holidays!!

I just LOVE how adorable they are!!

Presents under the tree!!

Pretty wrapping paper! Amy/nanacompany had posted a picture on flickr of some of the cutest wrapping paper and led me in the right direction on where to find a few of them!! Then I found a few others that coordinated!! I LOVE how cute they all look together!!

All wrapped up and ready!!

Aren't the tags sooo cute!! from my sil, Tasha!! :)

The anticipation!!

Finally, the kiddos get to open their presents!! :)

If you made it through my long post, THANKS!! It was fun to share our holiday with you!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas crafting!!

with the kiddos out of school this week, i've done a few more crafts that i've had on my list. this time we did a couple projects from scandinavian stitches! we made a cute little tomte (and one more almost done), and a couple cute little house ornaments! i think my kiddos favorite part is doing the stuffing!

tomte in the forest!! he sure loves our backyard, lots of trees to climb!! :) now i just need to make him a scarf so he stays nice and warm!!

the cute little house ornaments!! i think they turned out pretty darn cute!!

this month my sweet mother in law has been practically working around the clock to make us stockings! i think one more is coming in the mail today or tomorrow. they are simply the cutest!!! THANKS so much, suzanne!! they are perfect, and we LOVE them!

wishing you a merry christmas!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

how bout a little pillow talk??

round 4 for the pillow talk swap has been a blast!! i received a wonderful partner, new exactly what i wanted to do right away (which can be half the battle some rounds), and it was something other than red and aqua!! hee! hee!! it is fun to break a way from the norm, even if it is for just a bit! ;) at first i wasn't quite sure about the double wedding ring paper piecing, but after sticking to it i'm so glad i did as i LOVE paper piecing, and learning the double wedding ring was really easy! here is my pillow!! i am sad to see it go. i sure hope you love it partner, as much as i do. :)

now to the pillow i received!! i think i'm the luckiest partner, as this is the most AMAZING pillow ever!! the detail and time that corey spent on it to make it just perfect for me was the sweetest!! corey's work is incredible!! THANKS so much for making the the loveliest pillow!! i LOVE it to pieces!!

everything is cheek pinchingly cute- the adorable deer stringing a kite, the cute bunting, the mushroom house with clothes line, the most detailed dandelion, and to top it off the sweet little raccoon!! eek!! each piece is a work of art!!

make sure to take a peek at all the other amazing pillows in the photostream that have been made this round! it is so fun to see what creativity comes from each person!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

a handmade holiday!

this past week i've had lots of fun creating and decorating with my kiddos. we put away all our collectible ornaments that we usually have on our tree since little hands have broken many, and had fun creating cute new ones. most of them we made from fa la la la felt! i LOVE just about everything in there!!

a mushroom wonderland! i still have one more tree to make. :)

a cute little pillow i couldn't pass up from olive!

our tree!

little red caps!

christmas little red riding hood ornaments! this was a combination from fa la la la felt and a cute little red riding hood ornament i have in my flickr favorites, made my my friend amy!! here is the cute one she made!

cute and whimsical plastic balls from target!! i love how the kiddos can't break them!!

matryoshka dolls!

sweet birds!

candy hoops!

i've got a few more little things to make from scandinavion stitches this week, like the cute little house ornament and the tomte. :)

hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as we are!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


with having much to catch up on after moving, and still trying to unpack here and there my poor shop got a bit neglected. i've been trying to catch up on listing all the new and lovely fabrics that have been arriving at my door step over the last month! i LOVE all the new fabric collections that have come out recently!

here a some new fabrics that are in the shop now~

Monaluna, Sew Happy!

Robert Kaufmans, new Metro Market!

Robert Kaufmans, new Metro Market!

Cosmo Crickets, Tailor Made!

Riley Blakes, Sew Labels! (also available in 2 other colorways)

Some Moda charm packs!!

Oliver + S, City Weekend

Momo, It's a Hoot!

Tula Pink, Parisville!

Riley Blake, My Mind's Eye, All Star 2!

Tanya Whelans' Delilah!

A few cute new Japanese prints!

hope you don't mind seeing all those lovely fabrics!! hopefully in the next day or two i can get back to the sewing machine, and work on some christmas projects!! i've been really itching to!!