Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fun with friends

This week-end was full of fun with the dearest friends!! Heather and I actually finally pulled off getting together after many attempts. :) It was almost surreal being in the same house with her and working side by side. Instead of hearing her fun personality on the phone I got to experience it in real life!! Now I know we really are BFF's.

After sewing a little bit, Sarah and Terri stopped by. We all had fun hanging out, going to Fabric Depot, then to Modern Domestic for a sewing night, and to end our evening with dinner!! How fun to be able to sew, chat and relax with friends!! It was a total blast and I can't wait till next time. :)

Sewing away at Modern Domestic! THANKS, Sarah for taking pictures!! :)

Heather cutting her cute fabrics!

Heather and Terri with their new Orla Kiely fabric! Don't they look cute!!

I realized one thing when sewing with my friends!! I am a slow poke!! HA!! It takes me probably double the time to do a block. YIKES!! I walk a little slower, cut a little slower, sit down a little slower and sew a little slower. Now that can add up to being a real slow poke!! :)

I did these two fun blocks for Amber on Saturday. They were sure fun!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

gnomies, mushrooms & a makeover!!

Yesterday Heather and I worked on our blogs to give them a new look!! It was so fun working together trying to figure out the html coding to make a 3 column blog!! With all our groups, and bees, our side bars were getting a bit overloaded, and now I can add more linkies to the sides. :) With having a 3 column blog I also needed a new banner to fit, so enjoyed starting from scratch and love the new one!!

Also, I've had lots of new gnomes and mushrooms arrive. I've given them new homes in pots and terrariums! The wee gnome (above) is from the very talented Humblebea. LOVE, love, love him!! He looks so cute in my kitchen!!

These sweet little gnomies, and clothes line are from the lovely doodlebirdie! They had been a favorite for so long, and with my birthday earlier in the month, I finally bought them. They are absolutely cheek pinchingly cute!!

I was sooo excited to see mushrooms in the gardening section at Target a few weeks ago!! Every time I'm there I pick up a couple more to add to my growing collection!

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!! I'll be having a girls week-end at Heathers and am sew excited that it is finally Friday!! Yippee!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

easter dresses

Last month I used the Alchemy to have some cute dresses made for my girls for Easter, and they just arrived yesterday!! I had bought the Sandi Henderson Claire pattern last year but ended up doing some quick and easy skirts for my girls so this year I was really itching to use the pattern. They are growing too fast and soon they won't want cute, sweet dresses. I'm soo excited that they fit them perfectly and they were just as excited as me about them. Margaret did such an excellent job!! Now getting ready to send her some more fabric so she can make a couple other dresses from the pattern.

Now all I have left is to add a little embroidery to their aprons. I thought a little touch from me would make them even more special.

Aren't they just sooo cute in their dresses!! I'm thinking of doing the lime, and the red and aqua colorways of the Flora and Fauna for another set of dresses, and Heather Baileys Nicey Jane in the blues and yellows and in the pinks and green for one more set. The HR Mendocino would sure look cute for summer dresses. :) Oh, just soo many options!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fall Munki Munki & a Big THANK YOU!!

I have the sweetest online friends!! I am truly blessed! THANKS you so much for all the kind words, prayers and best wishes for my baby's surgery. It couldn't have gone better, and his recovery has even gone smoother. I'm sure the whole thing was much much harder on me than it was on him. I am so surprised with how fast he has bounced back to his normal busy little self! My older 3 kiddos spent the week-end at my husband's sisters so it actually was a pretty quiet week-end with catching up on orders and even a little trip to the beach to relax.

Here is what I worked on during the surgery and a little at the beach. Just starting to add the color. Hopefully I'll be done this week so I can hand deliver it to Heather this week-end. :)

When I got back from my little guys surgery on Friday night my latest Munki Munki order was sitting on my door step! And guess what Ben slipped inside, the Munki Munki fall catalog!! I'm sooo excited for the new HR prints!!

Sock monkeys in red and aqua, on flannel!! How perfect is this!!!

Day of the Dead on poplin!

Marching Elephants on flannel!

Slice of Pie on flannel!

Retro Robots on Thermal! Not sure how this would work for projects, but I'm thinking of ordering one to see since they are too cute!!

Russian Nesting Dolls on Thermal

Hope everyone has a magical Monday!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my little guy is having surgery

Tomorrow my little guy will be having surgery. It is suppose to be a pretty simple day surgery with only a few days for recovery. I hope all will go well. It might be a few days till I'm back online.

For my shop, I haven't been listing or re-listing anything and will start after everything is settled. We'll try to get to our conov's and get our current orders out as soon as we can. THANKS for all your support!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

{ Urban } HOME Goods - a modern swap

Last week Heather and I decided to start a new swap group, "{ Urban } HOME Goods - a modern swap"! With round 2 of the Pillow Talk Swap waiting for all the pillows to arrive at everyone's doors, we thought it would be fun to keep the fun going. With this swap it embraces anything that is urban or modern for the home. The options are endless!! The ideas sprouting up from everyone gets me even more excited~ aprons, pillows, potholders, sewing machine covers, dish towels, oven mitts, placemats, covered lamp shades, book covers, wall hangings, totes, and many more!!

I made an inspiration mosaic for my partner!

1. crayonapron1, 2. Interactive project stage 9/10 finished, 3. Little Red at Home, Before the Wolf, 4. Pillow Swap - A little bird, 5. Little houses, 6. handmade ornaments, 7. my new kitchen towels, 8. I Love Patchwork Preview - Sewing Machine Cover, 9. patchwork placemat for the kiddos, 10. Pillow Swap Round 2 - Full View, 11. My First Patchwork, 12. Tomte cushion, 13. 'on the line' for ginny, 14. sewing machine cover front, 15. patchwork pocket apron - aquas and reds, 16. Little magnets

We'll be having official sign-ups soon! So if you'd like to join so you make it in for round 1, please feel free to ask to join! We do ask that new members have participated in a swap and have pictures in their photostream.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tons of triangles!

I got my pillow done for The Pillow Talk Swap! Just in time for the deadline that is today, so it gets to fly over many waters to it's new home! It was so fun to work with the Anna Maria Horners Garden Party fabric. It is definitely out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it! I had decided awhile ago to do my studio in these bright colors so will need to make one of these for our sitting chair.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

sneaky peaky & our week-end

This week-end I was able to start on my pillow for The Pillow Talk Swap. My partner loves bright colors and I thought the Anna Maria Horner Garden Party would be perfect! She also menioned that she likes triangles and log cabins. I decided to combine the two for a couple scrappy triangles. I still have the border to do and the back.

This week-end my girlies started ballet. They were sooo excited since it had been a long time since they have been in a ballet class. I think they look so adorable!

Hope everyone is having a magical Monday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i heart my mail lady...

...as she was sooo kind this week and brought me some of the most lovely packages!! My week started off with this lovely pillow arriving that I had been crossing my fingers for from The Pillow Talk {Swap}, one of Heather and I's groups. Isabel did an amazing job with all the details. She even sent me some of one of my favorite fabrics and cute little red riding hood ribbon that I have been drooling over from afar, as I am unable to get it here in the US. THANKS so much Isabel!

a picture with both my pillows from the pillow talk swap rounds! I love them both!!

Isabel also sent some yummy umbrella chocolates for my six kiddos! This was the most exciting event for them! They LOVED them!!

I've also just received these two wonderful embroidery pieces from John and Crystal from the Hoop Up! Stitch & Send Swap. Aren't the perfect! :)

This adorable one is from John! A cute little red riding hood sleeping in the forest with all her animal friends watching over her. How cute is that! He also sent the cutest little deer coin purse! I have already hid it so my girls won't steal it! ;) THANKS, John for a fun side swap!

A sweet Little Red Riding Hood with her animal friends, the birds, mousie, and turtle! Too cute!! Thanks, Crystal!

Now I better get busy on mine. I have an idea of what I'm doing for the pillow talk swap. I'm also working on a cute embroidery right now, so make sure to come back to see pics of that soon. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

bee blocks

I hope everyone had a fantastic week-end! Heather and I post-poned the sewing retreat because of sick kiddos, and some family emergencies. Although it is post-poned, hopefuly Edward won't have to wait too long for us to to be up in his woods. :)

I was still able to get a little sewing done this week-end, and was down to the wire on my bee blocks. I still have one more block to make, and my Munki Munki string block so hopefully I'll get those done today or tomorrow. But, I'm relieved I have two done.

Bee Imaginative~ John sent some of the elusive Lush and it was my first time working with these wonderful deers! He is having us make blocks for a Dear Jane quilt so it was great being able to have lots of freedom in what style of block to create.

Bee-eautiful~ Elizabeth is making a Valentines quilt, and loved that this one had step by step instructions that were so easy to follow. I hope she loves them!

See you later this week!