Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little cuteness!

For quite some time I've had this simply adorable Story Time illustration that I had gotten from Tasha, but the only problem was I didn't have the right frame for it. There were some 8 X 8 frames I had found on Etsy but I really wanted something a little bigger, so the hunt began!! I love having a reason to be able to stop by the thrift stores often. And of course I even enjoyed searching for other treasures while looking for the right frame. :) After a few months I was so excited when I found a square frame. I spotted it from quite a few yards away and just about quelled. It was pretty ugly but with a little paint and sanding it would be like new!!

For the paint I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch spray paint in Satin Aqua. I backed the illustration with Sweetwaters, Sunkissed, Picnic Plaid in Misty Grey, that I had just gotten in for the shop!! I really love how it turned out!!

For Easter we enjoyed the lovely day with family!! The weather had been beautiful all week long and then for Sunday came the rain. However, the sun did shine for a few hours so we were able to enjoy an easter egg hunt outside. YEAH!!

All my little munchkins!!

I ended up going simple and made the girls skirts. They were pretty picky this year and made it pretty clear they didn't want dresses. I had planned on doing the zig zag skirt but time ran out.

I used the Twirly Skirt tutorial but changed the dimensions so it wouldn't be quite as full. I also added a sweet vintage hankie for a little apron. The best part was that my girls LOVED them!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday too!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

quilts for japan!

I talked with Lecien one of my Japanese fabric distributors a few days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan happened to see if everyone's families were o.k. Katie said everyone was doing good and they hadn't been affected. I had brought up that there were some relief efforts already started and if they had any extra sample squares of fabrics I'd be happy to send them out to have them made up as quilts. Katie mentioned she'd go through and see what they had. I later got an email saying she was sending a box. I was so excited!! The box came a few days later and it was 2 huge boxes full of fabric and fabric samples!! I was in a bit of shock, and so overwhelmed with the amount of compassion they had to help.

Here is some of what they sent!!

After talking with Katie again, and my sweet sister in law, Katrina who comes and helps me a couple times a week, we decided we would have the quilts made locally since there was so much fabric. Katrina then talked with the Steilacoom quilt group and they have already put together some lovely quilts out some of the fabric!! We are still working on putting together a bunch more in the up coming months.

Here are the quilts that have been put together so far!! Aren't they pretty!!

For sending them over to Japan, Katie let me know that Lecien is willing to send them over and distribute them to the effected areas in North Japan. If you'd like to send a quilt or even a gently used quilt, Lecien is offering to send them. All they ask is that they are pre-washed. They can be made from any fabric, and the general size be between 40 X 45 for children and 50 X 60 for adult quilts. Their address is~ Lecien USA, 5515 Doyle St., Ste. 6, Emeryville, CA, 94608.

I hope everyone has an excellent Easter week-end!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

vintage shabby chic

On my to-do list for quite some time has been to make some new window treatments. I finally found what I was looking for to make one, a pretty vintage sheet that would make it simple and easy but add that vintage shabby chic look I really wanted in my kitchen. I think the best part was it already had the trim and a sweet little accent of lace so there wasn't much sewing that had to be done!!

I wanted a little bit more than a valance so added the cafe curtains since i had plenty left of the sheet. I was a little worried it would be a bit too girly for my husband but he really likes them!! Yippee!!

My favorite part, the sweet aqua trim with the white lace!!

So not much sewing this week, but a little and I get to look at it everyday while I do dishes. :) Making these has got me motivated to move on to the other window treatments I need to do.

Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I joined Pinterest a couple weeks ago after hearing so many wonderful things about it all over blogland. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a place you can pretty much save all those lovely pictures you find through blogs, flickr, etsy or anywhere on the internet. You are able to categorize them so it is easy to find when you need specific inspiration. Whether it is for crafting or quilting, decorating your home, or maybe recipes you may want to try. Well to say the least it is a ton of fun and I have been so inspired by everything I've started saving to my pinterest boards!! I think my list of projects have grown to an enormous amount now!! You can find me here on pinterest. :)

Here are some pictures that are inspiring me today!!

To make this yummy radish salad...

in my someday English kitchen...

while wearing this oh so cute apron!!

I'd then serve my yummy salad in this lovely beach dining room.

After eating I'd go to my amazing sewing room...

and start a quilt inspired by these colors..

and these...

that includes some lovely vintage and vintage inspired fabrics with pretty flowers and polka dots!

the pattern would have to be flying geese!!

I might need to take a little bathroom break in this shabby chic bathroom!! ;)

After quilting I'd go enjoy the sunset on my wonderful red and aqua porch!!

Now back to reality...I can make a lovely salad for dinner, and maybe I'll go start a lovely stack to make a flying geese quilt. :)

Hope you're having a wonderful and inspiring Wednesday too!!