Friday, April 16, 2010

mushroom dolls!

I recently received these cute little mushrooms dolls!! They are super soft and sooo adorable!! These sweet little mushrooms girls were hand felted by the very talented Iris! I have always admired and adored all the wonderful and cute woodland pieces created by needle felting! One craft I am hoping to learn in the near future!!! These sure have me pushing myself to give it a try.

I just ordered these today!! They are the new Cosmo Cricket, Early Bird fabrics that should be arriving in my shop at the end of May or early June!! So excited for these yummy fabrics!!

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!!


  1. OMGosh Kerri... you crack me up!!! Your children must think they're growing up in a fairytale!!! ;)

  2. oh how cute are those little mushies!

  3. those are gorgeous fabrics !

    (cute mushrooms too). :)


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