Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fun with friends

This week-end was full of fun with the dearest friends!! Heather and I actually finally pulled off getting together after many attempts. :) It was almost surreal being in the same house with her and working side by side. Instead of hearing her fun personality on the phone I got to experience it in real life!! Now I know we really are BFF's.

After sewing a little bit, Sarah and Terri stopped by. We all had fun hanging out, going to Fabric Depot, then to Modern Domestic for a sewing night, and to end our evening with dinner!! How fun to be able to sew, chat and relax with friends!! It was a total blast and I can't wait till next time. :)

Sewing away at Modern Domestic! THANKS, Sarah for taking pictures!! :)

Heather cutting her cute fabrics!

Heather and Terri with their new Orla Kiely fabric! Don't they look cute!!

I realized one thing when sewing with my friends!! I am a slow poke!! HA!! It takes me probably double the time to do a block. YIKES!! I walk a little slower, cut a little slower, sit down a little slower and sew a little slower. Now that can add up to being a real slow poke!! :)

I did these two fun blocks for Amber on Saturday. They were sure fun!!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I think Modern Domestic sounds amazing. Sewing with friends is the BEST! And your blocks are really cute.

  2. AWE!

    I dont think your slow Kerri. we were all just so so hungary!! :) It was awesome to meet you, I cant wait until our next visit.

    P.S. I need munki carnival he he he

  3. Sounds like you had a great time with friends. like your blocks.

  4. How awesome that you were able to get together and spend some quality time, the pictures definatly show how much you all enjoyed it. Modern Domestic just looks amazing, I am putting it on my "have to see" list!

  5. Fun pictures! I wish I had Sarah's photography skills! You know, Kerri, I did notice that evening when looking at your blocks, that they looked perfect -- absolutely flawless. Neat and tidy in every detail. Instead of slow, maybe we could just think of you of thorough or having great attention to detail. Anyway, with results like yours, maybe we should all slow down a little. Loved meeting you -- even briefly. More to come....

  6. How fun - and those are so gorgeous! I love them!!

  7. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the blocks you made for Amber!

  8. don't worry about being slower, remember the 'tortoise & the hare'??? the best times happen when you gat to create with friends!


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