Monday, March 22, 2010

Fall Munki Munki & a Big THANK YOU!!

I have the sweetest online friends!! I am truly blessed! THANKS you so much for all the kind words, prayers and best wishes for my baby's surgery. It couldn't have gone better, and his recovery has even gone smoother. I'm sure the whole thing was much much harder on me than it was on him. I am so surprised with how fast he has bounced back to his normal busy little self! My older 3 kiddos spent the week-end at my husband's sisters so it actually was a pretty quiet week-end with catching up on orders and even a little trip to the beach to relax.

Here is what I worked on during the surgery and a little at the beach. Just starting to add the color. Hopefully I'll be done this week so I can hand deliver it to Heather this week-end. :)

When I got back from my little guys surgery on Friday night my latest Munki Munki order was sitting on my door step! And guess what Ben slipped inside, the Munki Munki fall catalog!! I'm sooo excited for the new HR prints!!

Sock monkeys in red and aqua, on flannel!! How perfect is this!!!

Day of the Dead on poplin!

Marching Elephants on flannel!

Slice of Pie on flannel!

Retro Robots on Thermal! Not sure how this would work for projects, but I'm thinking of ordering one to see since they are too cute!!

Russian Nesting Dolls on Thermal

Hope everyone has a magical Monday!!


  1. So glad your baby is bouncing back to health.

    Thanks for sharing the new catalouge contents, that shopping list is growing by the minute!!!

  2. Oh, I hope you get some legs or arms or something of those super cute prints. Glad the surgery went well!

  3. Oh too FREAKIN CUTE! Looks like I'll have to put off the completion of my Munki quilt until I get my hands on these!

  4. Hi, sweet Kerri! I didn't know your little guy was going in for surgery...I'm so glad he's recovering well. I'm sorry I couldn't add to the prayers! Hope you're well and relaxing too...say hello to Heather for me! xo

  5. Glad everything's OK with your little guy! Must be pretty traumatic waiting...

  6. So glad the little guy is recovering quickly! The embroidery looks so cute! :)

  7. I'm so glad to hear your little guy is doing well!

  8. Hi Kerri
    is only now that I saw : (
    I'm glad it went well!
    a big kiss for him and for you.
    I wish the little man gets well soon! :))
    hugs my friend

  9. Very cute stichery. Is that your pattern? I love it! The fabrics are really fun too. So whimsical! Glad your baby is doing well!

  10. Good luck with the baby, I'm glad it went well. Us mom's never tire on the worrying.
    Now that Munki catalog...when are they released? Agh! I need to order one of each, they are just lovely. Will any of them be available in kids sizes?

  11. The pattern is from etsy seller, revidevi~

    I ended up picking up a couple others too since she has the cutest bird designs!! :)

    I'll ask ben all the details on the fall Munki Munki, and let you know. I'm pretty sure they will only be available in womens sizes, but he mentioned that they might do a kids line in the future. Wouldn't that be the greatest!! Though, I'm still pushing for yardage. :)

  12. So glad all went well! Happy, healthy days ahead for you all!

  13. Hope your little guy is better! Dang those robots are soo cute!! Too bad they are thermal, maybe good for actually wearing though ;) lol!

  14. Hi Kerri, I'm so glad your little guy is doing good. :)


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