Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wip wednesday~ woodland circles

This week I've been working on the woodland circles mini for the STUD group. I've been loving all the lovely circle quilts that Amber has been doing lately, so wanted to give one a try. It is so fun and simple, and I love how it gives a different look to the quilt.

For the quilting I stippled around the circles and still felt it was needing a little more to make it pop. After showing it to Heather, she suggested doing some sketchy circles. Thanks Heather, for the idea! I love how it added that needed touch.

Now all I have to do is the binding, and then it will be on its way to Suzy in Germany. :)

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday!


  1. What a gorgeous little quilt!!

  2. So cute! I love the quilting!

  3. ahhh, woodland all the little creatures!

  4. YOU make Willard look goooooood ;) LOVE this little mini...I know I can always find some adorable eye candy on your blog ;) xoxo

  5. Those circles are too cute!!! It's like someone blew Woodland Bubbles to Suzy!!! :)

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  7. Really adorable! Love the stippling, and added bubbles!

  8. I agree with everyone - it is a really lovely quilt. I just cannot believe how amazing it looks, you must be very proud!

  9. hello kerri,

    that is soooooo geriose.
    i love sooo much your fabrics.
    you do a goog job.

    greatings conny


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