Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quilt Market

I just got back from Quilt Market the other day and it was such a blast!!  I absolutely loved meeting lots of my sweet online friends, seeing new fabric collections and viewing all the beautiful booths!  It was my first time going and will definitely want to go again!!  The only problem is it went by way to fast!

To not have several posts of quilt market I'll warn you now that there is a lot of photos in this post (hope you don't mind).  I'm dividing them into sections so you can just scroll down and see all the pretties!!  :)

I went with my two Sil's Ninzel and Tasha.   During the day I was mostly off on my own at different booths for appointments to view new fabric collections, and then in the evenings we were able to hang out and have fun in downtown Portland.

Some of my favorite booths~

Bonnie & Camille's from Moda!

 Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew!

 Tasha's from Riley Blake

 Lori's from Riley Blake

 Fig Tree from Moda!

 Darlene Zimmerman from Robert Kaufman!

 Mo Bedell's from Andover!

 Jeni's from The Art Gallery!

 BlueHill 30's reproductions!!  Love the quilts!!

 Bonnie Christine from The Art Gallery!

 Rashida from Cloud 9!


Tanya Whelan from Free Spirit

Verna Mosquera from Free Spirit

One of the funnest parts of quilt market was being able to meet up with a few of my online friends!  It is so great to be able to put faces to names and actually see there are real people on the other side of the computer.  

Pam and I

 Camille and I

Heather and I

 Amber and I

 Monica and I

 Alisa and I

 Mo and I

John and I

There were so many people that I wish I was able to chat with more and get a picture with.  Just not enough time!!

Here are some of the fabrics I ordered!  I can't wait!!

 Flower Sugar by Lecien

 All Star Lakehouse charm packs!  These will be listed in my shop shortly.  :)

 Pam Kitty Picnic by Lakehouse!

 Verna Mosquera by Free Spirit!

 Pretty Cosmo florals!

 Japanese Antique Roses!

 Cute bunnies and kittens by Quiltgate!

Bonnie & Camille's Scrumptious by Moda!

Here are some little bits and bobs of things I thought were super fun or cute!!  Also, things we did in the evening. 

 Oliver & S dresses!

 Flower Sugar Quilt!

 Selvedge dress from Ric Rac

 Pretty little window in the Andover booth!

 Bake Sale by Lori!  Love the mixer quilt!!!

Love the double dresden by Lori too!!

 Cute little softies by Ric Rac!

 Sweet Dresden pillow, cute little mushrooms and darling dress with Tasha's Little Red Riding hood fabric!

 Had to get some little pies at the Pie Spot!!  And they were yummy!!

We went to Powell's books and found Ayumi's book, Patchwork Please!  My sil Ninzel bought it so we could make some of the projects together!  :)

 Had fun spending a couple hours at at a fabulous antique mall!!

 Went to Antropologie and had way too much fun!!  :)

Dinner with Ninzel!!  

Well I think this has to be the longest post I've ever done!!  I apologize for not doing it in several posts.  I just know I wouldn't get back to showing you more.  This week I'm catching up on the shop and need to get working on my Pillow Talk Swap.  So I'll be back soon, probably next week!  



  1. Please don't apologise for a long post- I loved it! I love seeing pics of all the gorgeous booths and the treasures they hold.
    Glad you had a lovely time.

  2. Thank you for all of the great Quilt Market photos! Please keep us posted when you get all of the fun, new fabric!

  3. Enjoyed seeing so many pictures. Thanks!

  4. I loved watching your instagram feed to see all of the fun things you were doing and seeing at quilt market! So fun that your sis in laws were able to go with you! Tasha's booth was darling!
    Can't wait for those Lakehouse Allstars charm pack! I need some of those!!

  5. Loved this post. Thank you.

  6. Looks like a lovely time!!! Such pretty new fabrics coming!! xo Heather

  7. That does look like way too much fun!!! I loved the cute outfits you were wearing :)

  8. I've been seeing all your (and others) Instagram photos, how I would love to come to the next one!!

  9. This is my favourite market recap post that I have read, don't apologise. I love the fabrics that are your favourites. They are mine too. Everyone you're standing next to makes you look tiny, like a little doll! Can't wait to see the lakehouse Allstars and Pam Kitty Picnic.

  10. Oh my you have a lot of great pictures. It was so awesome to meet up in real life! I'm still dying over not realizeing you're SISTERS-IN-LAW. Man I am not to bright sometimes.

  11. Thanks for this beautiful pictures!

  12. It is funny Kerri because you went to all the places at market I wanted to see and saw people I would want to be with. I'm super excited to see new fabric in the shop. I always love what you order because it is so me.

  13. Don't be sorry for such a long post. All of your pictures were wonderful!!! You have some really lovely fabric coming into the shop!!

  14. Loved seeing all the pics!

  15. Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful trip with us. I loved it!!
    I live in Southern CA and I visit my mom at least once a year, she lives near Portland. Could you tell me the name of the antique mall as I would love to visit it on the next trip.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      It is Monticello Antiques. It is a great antique mall!! You'll love it!! :)

  16. Thank you for sharing quilt market with us. I appreciate all the photos. Am looking forward to some of your new fabrics.

  17. Loved the post! I read Tasha's blog (love her fabric) and saw her post with your picture...and I was like...I know her (well you know Victor and Kurtis :) ). So now I can follow your blog too!

  18. What a huge amount of eye candy! ♥


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