Wednesday, September 9, 2009


these scrubbies arrived at my door step yesterday from angela, and now i get to wash my dishes in style! yippie, nothing better than getting excited to do a chore!! little hedgie wasn't complaining either since he had a little bed to sleep on last night. :)

thanks for such a fun swap, angela!!

happy wednesday!


  1. Ooooh!!! I love Angela's scrubbies! She's such a sweetheart too :) I'm sure your kitchen is ADORABLE with your new cloths!

  2. I couldn't possibly use those for dishes! I would, no kidding here, stitch them together and make a cushion out of them. They are just so lovely!

  3. Kerri, you are too sweet. Thanks for writing about me! Doesn't it make doing the dishes soooo much more fun? I love cleaning the house with them too. :)

    xo, ang

  4. They're so nice I'd be afraid to use're one lucky girl!


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