Friday, September 18, 2009

a mini doll quilt

I had a wonderful surprise in my mail box yesterday! The mini doll quilt from Kim. When I opened it I gave a little gasp because I knew right away which one it was. I had eyed it on flickr earlier in the week. Kim did a fantastic job making me a beautiful quilt that I would love, with detailed embroidery and she even did a red and aqua combo! Thanks so much, Kim!! I absolutely LOVE it!!

My hubby took a picture of me and my lovely doll quilt! :)

such beautiful embroidery!

I absolutley LOVE all the mini mushrooms!!

THANKS again Kim! You made my week!! I'm a bit behind on mine so I'm off to go work on it!


  1. Kerri, you got a wonderful gift in the mail. Kim did such a goog job...enjoy your quilt.

  2. That is a gorgeous mini-quilt, beautifully made.

  3. So cute! You can tell she made it just for you!

  4. so happy that you like it! i made it especially for you.


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