Monday, August 24, 2009

munki munki quilt along

Last week Heather and I started a new flickr group, The Munki Munki Quilt Along! Both Heather and I had been talking for awhile about starting a Munki Munki Quilt, but how much more fun it sounded to have all our wonderful friends on flickr to quilt along with us! Once the idea came, we started it right away. We are already up to over 60 members!! If you haven't joined we would love to have you.

For the quilt along, we've kept it really simple. It officially starts in October, to give everyone some time to get their munki stashes ready. Everyone chooses their own style, size, colors, and pattern, and we quilt one block a month. We are also having a 5 inch charm swap to help acquire more variety in our stashes. This will simply just be fun, fun, fun!!

Heather and I seem to think alike; right away we went to making some blocks so there would be some examples in the photo pool. Our first ones used a lot of the same fabrics. :) It is so fun to have such a close friend to be able to talk to everyday about our passion and love for yummy fabrics and quilting!!

Everyone is welcome to start posting pictures of finished blocks or any handmade item made with the Munki Munki fabrics!! The more inspiration the better!

Munki Munki Recess Block

Munki Munki gnome block

Munki martians and gnomes

Heather and I's first blocks! See how we pieced the little blue gnome on the left!! I love it!!

After working on Ariels spiderweb block, I've been itching to make one with such bright and cheery colors, and this was the perfect quilt for it!! It will be going in my new studio on our comfy chair. I can't wait to also start working on some coordinating mini quilts to hang on the wall. I will have such a happy studio with these fun colors and fabrics!!

I hope everyone has a super spectacular week!


  1. Hello~

    Hope you will come to visit my blog

    Have a nice day~

  2. What a fun blog and beautiful projects! Thanks for letting me take a peek!

  3. You have been busy Kerri! Your MM blocks look great. Looking forward to quilting along in October!

  4. Great blocks. I love the fabric and the colors.

  5. Oh I love your recess block, the colors are so great.

  6. Beautiful blocks.
    Just wanted to stop and say THANK-YOU. I rec'd my beautiful charm packs in the mail this morning...*drool* I blogged about it too.
    Have a superday!

  7. I'm so excited to have stumbled onto your group! I have been collecting Munki with no direction - now I have some direction - need to work harder on the stash;)

  8. That is such a good idea. I will definatly join. Don't know how much I will get to do until things slow down a bit, but what a cute idea. Where did you get the gnome fabric. Awesome!

  9. this is such a good idea to showcase your fabric. i wish i had a better stash of this!

  10. Ok, so I'm a little behind, just getting into this Heather Ross obsession. I HAVE to have "recess". Any idea where I can get some? Love your stuff! Come visit me at


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