Monday, January 26, 2009

my week-end projects

i had a couple week-end projects that i worked on saturday and sunday. a version of the whirly giggle for my first little kiddo, and then i got my first project improv block done!! yah!!! i spent a lot of the time cutting and cutting and doing more cutting for both quilts!! at least the cutting is mostly done! :)

here is my first block for project improv~ the wonky log cabin

whirly giggle blocks~ i'm wanting to make some bed quilts for my kiddos but want to do a few more lap ones first so this one will go at the end of my daughters bed. the colors match her room!

i have 15 done and still need to sew 10 more together. almost done though with the blocks. i'm thinking of adding some sashing in between the blocks so they pop out more. not really a traditional way of doing this type of quilt though. do you think that would look o.k.?

here are a few of my favorite blocks. as most are getting to know, i love the japanese fabrics!! this one is the mushrooms in a line with a pink background.

the super cute birdie fabric!! there is a little sparkle to the birds that i love!!

i just got this little red riding hood fabric in the mail about a week ago so i'm excited to be able to put it in a quilt already!

hope every one has a magical week!!


  1. so apparently you guys didn't go on your ski trip?! looks like you had fun anyway with all your sewing projects!

    i love everything you are doing. i was hoping to try the whirly gigs for one of the boys this year, but maybe it is too girly? i told the boys i would make them all a quilt this year. i thought of trying the zig zag for one of them.

    i have been sewing together the blue and brown patchwork (from my kits) for austin because i already had everything cut and ready. i am pretty miserable so sitting and sewing is good.

    i can't wait to see all your progress! you will be done in no time with the whirly gig quilt! love it!

  2. Busy woman :)
    I really love your whirly giggle blocks, they are so mild in colour and made me relax instantly. Brilliant!! Love the cute japanese fabrics too - the mushroom fabric is just...woot. Where do you get them?

    I think the idea with the additional white will become very beautiful indeed. I vote for that :)

  3. The pinwheel blocks are so charming with the sweet and whimsical fabrics you have used! Oh, they are so pretty! You certainly got a great deal of sewing done!

  4. PS. after commenting and closing the window my daughter asked that I please turn on the music again! It is really nice...

  5. Wow!! You are really amazing at getting these quilts out... and they are soooo beautiful! The pinwheels are adorable. I love your fabric choices for it. The first square of your wonky log cabin is looks REALLY difficult- I can't believe you are going to do an entire quilt with those squares. That will be so cool! I especially love the little deer fabric in the middle, that's my fav. part!

  6. thanks for your support and kind comments!!


    i get most of my japanese fabrics on etsy. :)

  7. Love them. I love the fabrics you are using and I really like the whirly pattern.

  8. Can your stuff get any cuter???????!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to be cute any day now.

  9. So cute! I love your wonky log cabin.

  10. lovely stuff!

    as for the sashing, i think that would be very nice too. either white as kvinta said, or possibly a color (solid or print), but then the question becomes "which color/print"... good luck!

  11. These pinwheels look lovely! I think sashing would like nice as well.


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