Tuesday, April 16, 2013

one more folded star

I really have to apologize for my absence from my blog lately.  It has been crazy busy in my house.  Lots of new fabrics (really pretty ones, I'll show you below), which means my time has been pretty much taken up with the shop and family, and not much time for sewing.   I did squeeze in laying out one folded star this last week-end.  I want to do one more and then stitch up a pillow before I do a tutorial.  That has been why I haven't gotten the tutorial posted (hanging my head in shame)!  I'm so sorry, my friends!!   Hopefully soon!!  :)

I just joined Instagram last week!!  Halleluiah!!  It has been fun being able to see what everyone is up to while even cutting fabric.  :)  I feel so much more apart of the crafting world again!!    On Instagram I'm sewdeerlyloved and you are welcome to follow along to stay up to date on all my day to day happenings.  

Here are a few of the things I've posted this last week~

Watching Emma while I cut orders!  One of my favorite things to do, watch my favorite period dramas while working.  :)  Some of my favorites are, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Little Dorrit and North & South.  What are your favorites?  Would love to watch some new ones!!

 A lonely little sewing area waiting to be used!  :)

 A couple vintage pyrex bowls I found at goodwill!!

 My polka dots potted tulips!!  I simply love tulips!!
A ferry ride with my hubby to have a dinner date in Seattle!

I've received lot of yummy fabrics the last couple weeks that I have to show you.  They are such eye candy!  I could sit and stare at them all day.    

 Leciens Old New 30's Spring 2013 collection!

 Pam Kitty Morning's Pam Kitty Love by Lakehouse!

And, Tasha's sweet Little Red Riding Hood by Riley Blake!  I also have the pink, greys and green bundled.  :)

I'm off to take my kiddos to the doctor and then I'll be back to work on orders!  See you soon, my friends!!



  1. Those fabrics are just gorgeous

  2. Beautiful star block!! And, love the Pyrex!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  3. Those are all of my favorite movies too :) Try Persuasion, another great Jane Austin. There is a new and old version and I love both.

  4. Yep, found you on IG! Have become a follower there (I am phylliswhite on IG). Love IG myself, check it a few times a day, so inspirational, so I am glad you joined! Love your work, so cheerful!

  5. I you just named all my favorite movies !!! I love the Pyrex too and the fabrics as well!

  6. You always have the untested little things nd add the best touches! I love red and aqua too!

  7. Your folded star looks beautiful. I love all of your colors.

  8. Love your pictures. They make me feel inspired. :)

    I'm with you and love anything Jane Austen.

    I've also enjoyed Lorna Doone (might want to check that one out for period movies)

    I haven't seen Little Dorrit - I guess I need to check that one out too!

  9. LoVeD seeing all your photos today! Thank you for sending my lovely fabric across the pond so quickly! I am already using some of it....and can see by the pictures in this post I will have to be ordering lots more!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Kerri.
    Helen x

  10. Fabrics are so pretty! Lecien always gets it right I think.

  11. Wheee, new fabric.

    I love the folded star. I want to make one!


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