Thursday, December 8, 2011

little miss winter!

Little Miss Winter is all ready for her holiday travels!! She has her suitcase packed and ready to go!! But, shh, don't tell, as she is headed first to her new adoptive home!! :) I have her twin sister almost all stitched up as well too, and will get to enjoy all her holiday travels in the Northwest!!

Little Miss Winter was sew much fun to make!! I think she is one of my favorites!! I made her a bit smaller than the last few I've made and am sure happy with how she turned out!!

Her sweet little face was inspired by several of revoluzza's dolls that I've sure admired for quite some time!! For her body I enjoyed embellishing her with a couple cute polka dot buttons, some ric rac, and a little bit of crochet lace.

I used some of the sweet snowflake and polka dot fabric from this set for her hat. For the body I used some of the grid fabric from City Weekend for the hands and body, for the skirt I used the Swoon fabric from Bonnie and Camile. For the legs I used some Children at Play stripes for leggings from Sarah Jane, and some Gray corduroy from Joanns for the boots. For the face I used Essex linen, and wool felt.

I cut a simple little scarf out of the wool felt to keep her nice and warm during her travels. :)

Ta Ta!!

Well now I need to get some lovely packages shipped, and then tackle my huge pile of laundry...and when I say huge, I mean a huge mountain. It has been a bit crazy with my help gone the past couple weeks keeping up with everything. But I'm glad to say I've been making it through, and am even happier she'll be back for next week!! Hip hip hooray!! :)

PS. This week I got in the new Flower Sugar, and I already have it listed in the shop!! Go check it out as it is soo pretty!!


  1. Oh she is perfect!!!! LOVE her.

  2. isn't little miss winter darling?


  3. I love her! Do you sell them in your shop? I'd love to purchase one!

  4. I LOVE this doll!!! Did you use a pattern from her? I would love to know where from - or if it is yours would you consider posting it :)

  5. She's darling!!! What do you mean she's headed to the NorthWest? Doesn't Santa know I live in the SouthEast? Bummer!! I know someone is going to be very happy!!!

  6. thanks so much for your sweet comments!! it is on my list to offer a pattern. i've been tweeking my pattern and am getting close. :)

    her twin will be traveling with me in the northwest. :) this little miss winter is heading...????

  7. Ahhh she is adorable i love your use of fabrics for her ;-)) well done you. dee x

  8. Oh I love her. she is just perfect. Love the colours. Really refreshing.

  9. so so cute kerri! you need to get a pattern out!

  10. Your little red doll is so adorable. Could you pl-e-a-s-e direct me to where i can find a pattern, or purchase a doll? I went to the site where yours had been inspired from:) but I wasn't able to translate. I am going to be a new gma and am pretty excited to make a little doll!

  11. I love all the dolls you sew... so cute! Merry Christmas, Kerri! and Happy New Year!! xo amy


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