Thursday, November 3, 2011

pretty in patchwork~ doll quilts

I was meaning to tell you about this last week but with everything halloweenie, the days just flew by too fast!! Months ago I was asked to be in the book Pretty in Patchwork Doll Quilts by Cathy Gaubert by Lark Crafts, and I was sooo excited!! As most know, I absolutely LOVE doll quilts!! I think they had a lot to do with getting me hooked so quickly on quilting years ago!! They are the best project to do when you want to work on a new technique, or just have a fun little project that you can do in a day or two!! So to say the least, I was truly hopping with happiness when Cathy ask me to join in on her book!!

My doll quilt, Little Red Riding Hood!! You know how I just love Little Red!

Here it is in the book!! Eek!! It still seems surreal!

I love the cute picture they took of my quilt in a little doll cradle!! It just couldn't be cuter!!

The embroidery of Little Red I did that is also included in the book!! She was inspired by the cute Little Red in the Japanese fabric I used in the dresden plate.

Here are some of the lovely quilts that are also in the book!! I want to make each and every one!!

I Spy by my dear friend Heather Bostic!!
Picture is from the book

Dream Doll Quilt by the super talented Aneela Hoey
Picture is from the book

Ticker Tape Quilt by Cathy Gaubert
Picture from Cathy

Cupcake Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky
Picture from Malka

The Diamond Lattice Quilt
Picture from Penny

Jacob's Ladder by Rita Hodge, Red Pepper Quilts
Picture by Rita

Aren't those all simply fabulous!?! And that was really just a small portion of all the lovely quilts!! As there are "24 little quilts to piece, stitch, and love"!!

I also must tell you that if you also love doll quilts like I do, Sew, Mama, Sew! is hosting a doll quilt contest for Cathy's new book!! You must go check it out!! I don't know if I'll be able to resist a doll quilt contest!!

Thanks so much, Cathy for having me be part of this wonderful book!! It was such a delight!


  1. Congratulations! Such a sweet little doll quilt!

  2. Beautiful, would love to get this book, looks so nice
    Karen x

  3. Your quilt is adorable! I have 3 daughters, but amazingly none of them are into dolls. Probably because we always have a real one around:)

  4. Oh they are all so wonderful! Another book for the "must have" list! (Good think Santa will be coming soon!) ;)

  5. I just love your cute dresden plate. Congrats for being included in the book!

  6. Congratulations! I just purchased this book yesterday :) can't wait for it to arrive!!!

  7. Congratulations!!! Your designs are always so beautifully whimsical :)

  8. The quilts are adorable ,so sweet and lovely xx

  9. Congrats Kerri! Your quilt is perfection....I love it! ;)


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