Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The best word that describes my past week is "love". I first had a surprise visit from my Dad who lives in Shanghai, we loved spending this last week-end camping with family, I enjoyed sewing a couple more farmers wife blocks, and I received a bit of love from one of my sweet bloggie friends right before we left for the week-end! I don't know if life gets much better??

My week 13 Farmers Wife Quilt Along blocks. I really love how they turned out!

{68} Postage Stamp

I really loved making this one!! It was fun to be able to use so many fabrics in one block!

{32} Farmers Daughter.

A few of my favorite new fabrics in one block!! The Annies Farm Stand, Seed Catalouge, Atsuko Matsuyama's strawberry fabric, and then a new favorite that just came last week...a red and aqua 30's reproduction from Toy Box II by Sara Morgan of Blue Hill Fabrics!!

I just adore all my bloggie friends!! It is hard to explain, but I truly feel a sweet connection with people I've never met! I've made some of the most wonderful friendships through the past few years. It truly lifts my spirit every day coming online and being with my friends!! One of my sweet and oh so talented friend, Amy sent me a surprise package last week!! It was so sweet, and I absolutely LOVE everything she sent!! THANKS so much, Amy!!

Even the cutest tape!! Strawberries, polka dots, and flowers!!

We enjoyed camping this last week-end with family!! We went to a fun place called Ensign Ranch. I remember going there when I was a youth for camp, and it was fun bringing the little ones to enjoy a place I have such fond memories of! One of the kiddos favorite things was playing in the river!! Here is a picture off most all the kiddos, all but 3. :) Quite the little troop!

the little rascals!! they are so funny together!!

the little guys loved throwing rocks into the river! we made a special area just so they could throw rocks safely!! :)

rafting down the river!

My little guy in his cute little overalls!! I just love cute overall pictures!!

With all the exciting events this last week I've gotten a little behind on my pinwheel quilt. Hopefully I can catch up this week!! My mom is coming into town on Friday, so I may be reaching for stars to get it done!! We'll see!! :)


  1. I LOVE your quilting!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!

  2. cute blocks as always... glad you liked the little gift, I thought you would enjoy the merry bonbon. happy sewing, dear! xo amy

  3. I love the camping pictures! Looks like fun. Your Farmer's Wife blocks are great too, of course!

  4. Hello from Australia, I have just discovered your blog and I love it, I'll be back to visit often, Your camping trip looks like so much fun.

  5. I love the colors. Great blocks.


  6. !!Tienes un blog muy bonito!...Y Una gran familia un saludo.

  7. Such good attention to detail in a small! Good're good at exact measurements....Mel


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