Monday, May 16, 2011

the isabella doll & quilt!!

Last week I was able to finish up the sweet quilt for Isabella. I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and it was so nice to wrap it up and finally be able to give it. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my previous post and letting me know I'm not the only one that has taken so long to finish a quilt. :) It sure makes it that much more exciting when it is done and you are able to gift it!!

Here it is in all it's happy glory!!

For the binding I used Leciens white pin dots on pink!! It almost looks like a solid from a distance.

For the backing I used Tanya Whelans, Picnic Rose in blush.

All wrapped up in pretty Sandi Henderson's, Meadow Sweet, Daisy Path in blush!

I had to include this oh so cute picture of Isabella!! Doesn't she look so adorable!! My sister in law, Katrina, made her the cute little tutu and head band!!

On Friday, I made this sweet little doll for Isabella!! I have so much fun making them and just couldn't resist whipping one out!

For the apron, I used a vintage handkerchief again!! I think this is a new favorite for aprons!! It adds such a sweet simple touch that I just love!!

She was inspired by this sweet doll I had seen on Pinterest!

Isabella was so sweet and kept giving the doll kisses after she opened her!! :)

Happy Monday to all my sweet friends!! See ya soon!! ;)


  1. It's so sweet of a quilt! The doll is so darling too. Isabella looks too cute with her tutu.

  2. So sweet! Love the doll especially. :)

  3. Everything turned out so cute! Wonderful gifts!

  4. the quilt and doll both turned out so adorable! i love your dolls do such a great job. :)

  5. So cute! The handkerchief is perfect!!

  6. So much cuteness in one post! The quilt is just adorable too, well worth the wait! I really love that Sandi Henderson pink Meadowsweet, think I might need some.

  7. Darling quilt...and little girl too!

  8. ADORABLE! Im not the best quilter but that looks like something I could accomplish :) And that doll Oh my gosh! I cant get enough!!

  9. Kerri,
    that doll is incredibly sweet and I love it... fantastic work! I am getting very inspired to make one of my own soon! xo amy

  10. Your site is fabulous and I can't wait to continue looking.

    It is all inspiring!

  11. What a beautiful doll!! What pattern did you use? I HAVE to make one for my daughter now! :) PS Where do you find all the time to make such lovely things?! I can barely get anything done with just two kids!


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