Monday, February 14, 2011

winners & happy valentines days!!

THANKS so much to everyone who participated in my dreaming of Spring giveaway!! It was a lot of fun and I loved reading what everyone is dreaming about. Right now I can't wait for all my family to be healthy again!! It has been a brutal winter with sickness in my home. The last few weeks it has really seemed to hit. Also, last week I was busy getting ready for my daughters Birthday that we celebrated on Saturday (lots of cute pictures to come). So between sick kiddos and getting ready for a birthday, I think I'm literally exhausted and can't wait for SPRING. :)

Now to the winners!! I'm sure you have been waiting! :)

1. The adorable pin topper set by Gigi of Pinks and Needles. The winner is-

# 209 peaknits

she said..

Holy moley - what a giveaway! I am looking forward to spring because I want to feel the breeze on my face, I can stop having to run from buildings to my car fast because it is so cold. Green grass - even mowing the lawn beats all of this snow!

2. The super cute Dandy Day print from Lucky Nelson. The winner is-
#289 Marcia W. said...

I'm hoping for the warmer weather of spring and quilting or sporting one of these lovely prizes as I enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

3. The wonderful fat quarters from Laurie Wisburn. The winner is-

#266 Colette said...

I am dreaming of going on lots of hikes (without snow!!!) and having picnics with my family :D And WOW this is the most AMAZING giveaway ever!!!

4. The cutest little baby polka dot beanie hat from Deusprovidebit. The winner is-

# 314 Mrs. Doodle said...

I just ordered from Sarah Jane. the 2011 calendar. I got one last year and loved it and I think I will be collecting them for my girls for many years to come:) Love all of the shops above! like LOOOOOOOVE!

5. The sweetest My Little Lamb print from Sarah Jane Studios-

# 371 marian said...

Hi Kerri, OMGosh what gorgeous eye candy and fabulous giveaways!!
i live on the other side of the world in sunny Australia so i'm really looking forward to Autumn [Fall] lol!
However, what i always look forward to and LOVE the most about Spring is seeing the annual bulbs coming into flower and the garden come out of its winter truly is a delightful sight and the fragrance is intoxicating!

6. The adorable Spring flower and trim set from Precious Paper! The winner is-

#286 ThirdMargaret said...

This giveaway is full of spring-y goodness!! I can't wait to put away my snow boots!!

7. The adorable Bunny Love illustration from A Little Sweetness! The winner is-

#84 Katie B. said...

Wow! What a giveaway! I'm dreaming of daffodils starting to bloom! And warmer weather. And more sunshine!!

8. The spectacular Sugar Dish pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew! The winner is-
#25 Poppyprint said...

Kerri! Wow, what an amazing spring giveaway parade. I am most looking forward to the cherry blossoms which in Vancouver, are the most beautiful sign of spring!

9. The cute bobby pin set from The Ciao Bella Boutique. The winner is-
# 232 Mama24Monkeys said...

I am dreaming about warm days at the park (sitting under a tree reading a book while the monkeys play)sigh...soon very soon...

10. The lovely Flower Sugar bundle from me!! :)

#145 Chris {frecklemama} said...

I have purchased something from Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew before. Love her!

All the winners, make sure to contact me by the end of the week so I can send on your info so you can receive your lovely prize!! :)

Thanks again for all pariticaping!! I hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!! I'd love to hear your plans!! Do you have any Valentines Day traditions you do with your family?

Here are a couple cute vintage valentines cards!! :)



  1. oh lucky ducks! congrats everyone!

  2. Yay for all the winners! Thank you for being so kind!

  3. Oh, goodie! Thanks so much, Kerri. I'm sending you an e-mail.

  4. hi kerri!

    i love the valentine cute. :)

    unfortunately this valentines day we are celebrating the flu!! (isaac, ava and caleb)

    are you guys okay?

  5. OMG OMG OMG I am e-mailing you now. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I so needed this today... a little spring. I am so happy! Thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway:)

  6. Thank you so much Kerri!! Happy Valentines to you, too.

  7. Doing my happy dance! Thanks so much Kerri :D Hope you are having a terrific Valentine's Day!

  8. I literally said "oh my god" when I saw my name...the week - though it is only Monday has been enough to make me cry...already. So, what a treat -thank you so much! Stacey

  9. YAY..i'm a lucky ducky too! i can't believe i've won 'my little lamb print' from Sarah Jane's just too cute for words! thank you!! Marian x


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