Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas crafting!!

with the kiddos out of school this week, i've done a few more crafts that i've had on my list. this time we did a couple projects from scandinavian stitches! we made a cute little tomte (and one more almost done), and a couple cute little house ornaments! i think my kiddos favorite part is doing the stuffing!

tomte in the forest!! he sure loves our backyard, lots of trees to climb!! :) now i just need to make him a scarf so he stays nice and warm!!

the cute little house ornaments!! i think they turned out pretty darn cute!!

this month my sweet mother in law has been practically working around the clock to make us stockings! i think one more is coming in the mail today or tomorrow. they are simply the cutest!!! THANKS so much, suzanne!! they are perfect, and we LOVE them!

wishing you a merry christmas!!


  1. Soooo cute! I love the little houses and the stockings are just lovely.

  2. Wow, everything is soooo beautiful!

  3. Your Syko projects are adorable and your new stockings fantastic!!! Merry Christmas Kerri. You'll sure have a fun morning on the 25th with all those kids!!

  4. gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas Kerri!


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