Monday, September 27, 2010

memories & a birthday!

this week-end we celebrated my little xanders b-day (THANKS, melissa for hosting such a wonderful birthday again this year)!! i can't believe he is already three, where has the time gone!! i made him and ashton some new tees to go with their HR doggie shorts i had from when my other ones were little. it was so fun to see these adorable outfits be worn again, and i just can't help to think they are so cute!!

i went on my family blog to find this picture of when all my little ones wore matching doggie outfits and the memories were so emotional for me.

to see all the pictures of my kiddos from a couple years ago was really surprisingly hard. why? maybe with that chapter gone, and knowing it won't return. even though i still have little ones, i won't have an infant again. i'm hoping this is a normal feeling of saddness, as you see stages in your life pass that you know won't return.

right after ashton came home from the hospital after being in the nicu for almost a month.

my sweet little xander

my sweet little guy Jacob

cute little Ethan!

my sweet and pretty savannah

my little angel, maya! (not so little anymore though, and I couldn't find a picture of her with me :(

i think at times like this i need to try to cherish the times i had but focus on the moments now to create more lasting memories for the future.


  1. You've made beautiful children, Kerri! My two are almost 12 and is so hard to remember what they look and felt like when they were teenie. It's nice to go back and look at the photos to help the recall! Just's very strange to have my son 2" taller than me, looking down to talk to me now. No matter how hard we try to slow things down, they grow too fast.

  2. Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing them!

  3. kerri... you are too funny!! you need more kids like you need a hole in the head and i say that with love... cause i know how dang cute they truly are! haha ;)


  4. So sweet. But I know the sadness of wishing for just one more moment holding one's tiny babies.
    My first and only newborn turned 19 on Saturday and I am missing those days of her complete dependence on me for everything. My other baby came to me at 12 months and I never got those sweet newborn moments. But I am so grateful for the girls they are now. Children are such a gift and a blessing.

  5. I am going through similar feelings at the moment. Just put my baby in big school. I enhoy the stage we're in, but sometimes its hard knowing we'll never have that stage again.

  6. Lovely photos! They do grow up so quickly.

  7. I started tearing up today when I took my son out to the harvester to have a ride with Daddy. We did it last year too... and it was so emotional for me to see him there sitting on his daddy's lap like a big boy... where'd my little baby go?

    I only have one so far, but I can relate to that feeling. Your babes are beautiful (as is their mama).

  8. Lovely post Kerri. Babies are the best! But maybe now you will be able to look forward to a little more "me" time as they grow more independent? I try to remember that when I'm sad about how quickly Lucy is growing!

  9. I remember finding it hard as my youngest grew out of babyhood. I always felt that first year went too fast. I'm sure some Mothers will think I'm crazy but I seemed to have "easy" babies. I know how you feel but believe me you have many more years of joy to come. All but one of my five kids had left home a couple of years ago but recently two of them asked if they could come back home... now I wonder where all that peace and quiet went!!!

  10. THANKS so much for all the sweet comments!! Its so nice to hear I'm not the only one that has these moments. :)

  11. I think this post is very sweet! It is weird for me to think that your little ones are already so fast. Miah and I were just recently recalling how your little Maya was only like 4 when we met! CRAZY! We love you and your family... thanks for sharing the trip down memory lane :)

  12. friend, if you lived closer, you could come get your baby fix! ;) What beautiful babies you have! :) xo


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