Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hand stitching at the beach

this week-end we enjoyed spending the day at one of our favorite beaches in port townsend! the kids had so much fun gathering logs and pretending they were surf boards. :) quite funny! there is also a fun fort there that they love exploring.

while the kiddos played i worked on a couple little hand stitching projects. with so many ideas in my head i seem to have a hard time sticking with just one.

finally got this cutie stitched up so i can start working on my scattered hexie quilt!!

got back to stitching this cute matryoshka doll!

almost done!

a few hexies for a simple little project

sand covered toes!

cute little kiddos!

my half dozen! ;)

Hope you are having a terrific tuesday!


  1. Beautiful Half-Dozen you have there! :)
    I miss embroidery work...I haven't done any in ages. I keep picking works that are too big and I lose interest. *blush*

  2. how fun! the kids look adorable! i love seeing my kids all together in one group.

    jacob has grown!!

  3. Your half dozen really are cute!! I take my hat off to you having them, it must be a real pleasure and damn hard work at the same time!!

  4. I can't think of a little town I love more than Port Townsend and then add hexies to the mix . . . bliss!

  5. Your half dozen is so cute!!!!!!!
    Love your hexies too, so perfect for stitching at the beach!

  6. Gosh half a dozen kids! How neat. They look really close in age, you must be so busy. No wonder you take your sewing to the beach. With so much to do, you probably have to make the most of a few moments here and there I guess. Love your new project. Don't think I'd have the patience for hexies.

  7. Great photos! Red and aqua look especially lovely at the beach!

  8. I am 2 short of half a dozen ;-)
    Lovely photos Kerri

  9. That's a perfect family portrait!

  10. Your children are adorable Kerri!

  11. *stomping now* My Mr B says 2 is enough and your simply proof that half a dozen is doable!
    Your family is just adorable as are your hexies and stitching.
    Stopping by your blog always makes me smile.

  12. thanks for all the sweet comments!! with six kiddos we do have lots of crazy moments!! ;)

  13. My mother asked my me why I wanted such a 'large' family. I have only three and when i look at yours, my heart aches. :) But seriously, how much time do you spend at the computer? I always feel like I'm depriving mine.
    Cheers and hugs,

  14. You have a very gorgeous half dozen, all the quilting projects were very pretty too. I seem to lose focus on vacation, but you don't seem to have that problem!

  15. I saw you post and thought....That looks like Kala Pt. Beach (Very close to Port Townsend)...where I have taken my boys for over 30 years...a million fond memories. I was never able to stitch on the beach. My hat is off to you for accomplishing that. We did however, make awesome forts with sand, shells,seaweed and driftwood. Thanks for evoking such wonderful memories.


  16. Love seeing photos of my grandkiddos...they just keep growing...so glad we had part of the summer to love on some of them. Your projects look wonderful and I'm so thrilled you took time to take them to a place you all love and enjoy, especially before school starts. Miss you all much. XXOO

  17. That looks like so much fun!!! :) I'm glad you had a great day at the beach!

    I'm intrigued! I used to love needle point (as a child-not freehand, though), but I've never thought of combining it with quilting before...quite the undertaking, but what a great idea!


  18. Congrats, Kerri! You won over at Twin Fibers! :)


  19. The cutest hexies and stitchery...love them!

  20. Oh Kerri, I adore Port Townsend! So many wonderful memories of my childhood there. I love seeing your half dozen. They are such beautiful happy kids. And those hexies are pretty cute too!

  21. You are so blessed Kerri! Enjoy every minute with them!

  22. Hello!
    I'm assuming that the girl with the red scarf in the Granny Hexie is one of your designs, but I can't find it in your shop. Can you tell me where I can buy it? Thank you!


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