Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesday talk!!

on a whim we took a little sunday drive to the coast, and made a little stop in forks. it was a blast to drive around the small little town and go into the little shops dedicated to twilight. we ended up staying the the night in forks, and went to la push a couple times for lots of beach time! :)

while driving i was able to work on my hexies for the {handsome} hexies - the swap. heather and i started round 2 up last week and will end on the 2nd of august to make a short round. i just have a few more to make, and then they will be off to my partner!

yesterday heather and i started sigh-ups for the {urban} home goods - a modern swap! if you haven't taken a peek at the photo stream you must take a lookie loo!! the amount of creative talent that is in our group is astonishing!! i can't wait to see what sprouts this round!! i know it will be amazing!!

my mosaic of favorites!

1. living room, 2. Hoop Up inspiration, 3. Red Riding Hood, 4. Interactive project stage 10/10, 5. 'on the line' for ginny, 6. cushion by taj, 7. DSC_0016.JPG, 8. Little magnets, 9. mushrooms, 10. sewing machine cover front, 11. House pillow, 12. Sewing Machine Cover, 13. Tomte cushion, 14. tote detail, 15. Lost, 16. Pillow swap front

hope you are having a terrific tuesday!! :)


  1. I love the hexies!!! And the beach pics, very adorable!

  2. ha! you possing as Vanna White is fabulous!!! total classic!! here's to another fabulous swap rounds!! ;)

  3. So funny! I am glad you had fun. We went to Forks last summer and did the "Twilight Tour". I am not a Twilight fan but my older daughter and several cousins are. So we had a car full of screaming giggling teenagers who jumped out and took pics of each spot from the stories. It was a hoot!

  4. I'm in awe over all of these gorgeous hexies! Beautiful : )

  5. I envy you give to be able to visit this place so special for fans of the Twilight saga. "I'm sure to be a beautiful place.
    kisses from Spain

  6. Love the hexies - superb. But wait! WHAT is that enormous tree??? I'm amazed by it.

  7. Holy smokes - that is one huge water log!! Is it a trick picture??

  8. thanks for all the sweet comments!! the tree really was that BIG!! you can really tell how big it is with my 5 year old standing next to it. :)


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