Saturday, December 12, 2009

a gorgeous gnome and girl pillow!

I received the most wonderful package yesterday, the sweetest pillow from Amy! I literally squealed when I saw it, when I realized it was mine, the one I was sooo hoping for! After being sick all day, it was the best thing to lift my spirits!! The best part is knowing that Amy put so much thought into this pillow, I am completely breathless! From every fabric choice, to the little girl holding the gnome that she had MultiplePersonality specially have printed into fabric. I have this exact print in my etsy favorites, so to see it made into a fabric and then put into a pillow just for me is one of the kindest, most thoughtful things anyone has done. I can't stop marvelling over this absolutely perfect pillow!!

I wish I could express my deepest THANKS to Amy in a way to tell her how much this sweet pillow means to me! THANK you soooo much, my dear friend!!

Hope everyone is having a super fantastic Saturday!


  1. Boy Kerri... she sure had you pegged!! Great job Amy :) It's looks WONDERFUL!!

    XO, Heather

  2. Oh my goodness, but that is perfect for you.

  3. She is the best swap partner ever! I look at what she has made for me and it makes me happy! The pillow is wonderful!

  4. it's awesome Kerri! That is so sweet that Amy put so much thought into making it the perfect pillow for you!

  5. OMGosh that was so sweet of her to do! Expensive too!

  6. Wow! This pillow is completely adorable. I love the little girl. Lucky, lucky!


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