Wednesday, November 11, 2009

all things girly!

I am so excited that I received the cutest little hand stitched piece from Heather yesterday!! It is sooo cute. Heather also sent some cute fabric designed by my sister in law, Tasha. It was so thoughtful of Heather to go out of her way to buy this adorable fabric just for me! THANKS, I love it all!! :)

The adorable hoop already has a new home in my girls room! I thought I'd also take a few additional pictures of a couple other new additions in their room as well. They just love all the new decorating, and I still have a little left to do. :)

The cutest knitted clothes and line I had made!

Our newest vintage irmi lamp.

Hope everyone is have a splendid day!!


  1. I <3 that little clothesline- how cute!

  2. ahhh...that is super sweet. Love this song too!

  3. LOVE! that new lamp is darling! Heather did such a good job on your swap piece! total cuteness...xo

  4. It's all so sweet! What a clever embroidery and lovely, lovely fabric as well. What a pretty little girls room.

  5. Love the lamp!

    Actually I have a vintage Irmi Lamp I was going to add to my Etsy shop. Let me know if you want first dibs. It's a boy sitting on a fence with a flute. There is a little dog and bird there too

  6. Such cute stitching - you and Heather are becoming embroidery experts!

  7. Love your new lamp! Wha asweet little thing, you must be very pleased with your day!


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