Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two lovely mini quilts!

This week I've been working on two mini doll quilts, and both for swaps. I've got the quilt tops done for both, and just need to quilt them.

The first one is the Merry Minnie Muu Quilt for the Swap Till you Drop group on flickr. I signed up for the alphabet mania and got the letter M. I first thought of doing a quilt with mushrooms but my partners isn't much for them. She requested the darla fabrics, so I stuck in some Minnie Muu's to keep with the m theme. :)

Ariel and I decided to swap a mini quilt for one of her lovely little sewing machine, art pieces!! These are the most amazing works of arts, and can't believe I will have one of my very own. This one is on it's way now!!! If you love these too, she has one in her new etsy shop!! :)

For the mini quilt, Ariel asked for something with red, aqua, and mushrooms. Now, that was right up my alley! :)

Now, off to bound and quilt them!! Hope you have a magical week!!


  1. That is way too awesome! MUSHROOMS!!!

  2. Adorable ... I swear you gals are so talented & creative. I would never have thought of the ideas you come up with ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. They're both beautiful Kerri. I love the cute one in your banner too!

  4. so gorgeous! my fave is the aqua+mushrooms =) =)

  5. I love them--so cute! I love red and aqua! Check out my red and yellow flannel quilt on my blog!

  6. My favorite is the aqua and mushrooms ;) hee hee! I'm sooooo excited to squooosh this little quilt when it arrives. Thanks, Miss Kerri!!!

  7. p.s...your darla mini quilt is dreamy! I love those girly fabrics!

  8. Those mini log cabins are so adorable and with a mushroom theme too - magic!!

    Nina x

  9. hello,

    so many work.
    and soooo beutiful.
    i love it.

    greatings conny


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