Wednesday, August 4, 2010

cutsie lecien bundles!

i had fun taking pictures of these cutsie fat quarter bundles with my new cake stand!! i'll be listing them in the shop today or tomorrow. i only have a few bundles of each so let me know if you'd like me to reserve one for you. :)

red, aqua and grey caramel town collection

pink and brown caramel town collection

green, pink and yellow caramel town collection

sweet deer collection

red, aqua and brown hokuou no kodomo collection

red, aqua and pink hokuou no kodomo collection

yellow, blue and red hokuou no kodomo collection

hokuou no kodomo mosaic

i could look at these cute pictures all day!! i have to say i LOVE lecien's fabric! definitely a favorite.

see ya soon! :)


  1. OOOooooohhhh... i LOVE your new cake stand!!! haha... ;)

  2. I love caramel town, it's fab. Scrap that - I love all lecien fabrics!!!!

  3. shoooooooot i must have missed all the bundles!

  4. how do i choose which bundle?!! they are all so cute! ...i think i'll look again. ;)

  5. i haven't listed them yet. :) just setting a few aside for anyone who wants one reserved and then i'll be listing them later today or tomorrow. :

  6. the caramel town is amazing. hope there is one left after pay day!

  7. so adorable, cake stand is beautiful too.


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