Tuesday, August 7, 2012

super heros

Thanks so much for all the lovely anniversary wishes!  We had such a fabulous day, and reading all your comments made it even brighter! :) 

This last week-end my Sister-in-Law and I did a fun super hero party for two of my little guys that share the same birthday and my nephews birthday that is a few days after. Three little super heros = a super good time!

The party table!

 Fun super hero capes I made for the birthday boys!

 felt masks!

party drinks and goodies!

 thanks you party favors!

 super hero buildings!

 the birthday boys

 all the boys!

and the girls loved being super hero's too!

my cutie little niece was such a sweet super hero!

We had such a fun week-end with lots of super cute and energetic Super Hero's!  I really do love my family!  How can we not have tons of fun with all those little cuties!  Most the ideas for the party came from my Party Planning board on Pinterest.   Oh, how I love Pinterest!


  1. What a cute party!! Such a precious group of kids!! Love the decorations! xo Heather

  2. What a fantastic idea! When my little girl was only 2 years old we couldn't go anywhere without her wearing a make shift muslin wrap cape... Supermarket, outings, parks... You name it!

    I bet the kids had an awesome time zooming around at the party!

  3. Super party idea. I love the pink for the girls. I know the kids had a blast.


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