Monday, December 5, 2011

felted wool garland

Have you seen these felted wool garlands popping up!?! I've been wanting to make one for quite some time but noticed the little felted balls are not that cheap for such a small little thing. After seeing an easy peasy tutorial on how to make them, I knew I could do it!! It is a pretty simple process and fun to work with the wool. There are lots of things you can adorn them with and thought the garland would be perfect for a picture frame!!

This cute little illustration, "Here, Little Bird" is from Tasha's shop!! Isn't it just sooo sweet!!

With this garland being my first there was a little trial and error, but think it turned out pretty good!! I'm thinking of making one for my partner for the savvy seasons swap as a little extra.

I've got lots of sewing I need to get done this week, so better get my bootie in gear!! :)

Happy Monday, my friends!! See you later in the week!


  1. That is a darling little vignette you've set up there. Made me smile :-)

  2. Beautiful Kerri! I have just been thinking about trying one myself.

  3. so cute kerri! what fun to make those little felt balls...i love those! thanks for dispaying my illustration so adorably! ;)


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