Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a shabby gnomie pillow & savy seasons

This week I've enjoyed finishing up a project I started ages ago! With my cute little Christmas Cuties embroidery sitting so patiently in a drawer, it was time to turn it into something lovely that we'd enjoy...the shabby gnomie pillow!!

The Christmas Cuties Embroidery! This was one of my first embroideries I did, so it has that etxra special meaning, and is so fun to see it made into a pillow finally!!

Some oh so sweet pom pom trim!! Oh, how I love me some cute pom poms!!

A shabby scrappy border, and some simple stitching to add that cute little touch!

This sweet pillow has surely put me in the holiday spirit and am really itching to work on more holiday projects!! After talking to my sweet friend Heather we decided to start up a swap again!! Yes, after a long, but needed break, Heather and I will be doing some of our lovely swaps again!! Yeah!! And to start off, what would be more perfect than the Savy Seasons Swap!!

Pictures are all from my Christmas Pinterest Board.

For the Savy Seasons Swap we will be starting sign ups soon. You are welcome to join in on the fun by joining the group (you'll find all the information there and deadlines within the next week)!! There will be a limited amount of spots to keep it manageable for Heather, Kelly and I so make sure to join asap if you want in on the fun!! :)

Hope you are having a lovely day!! See ya soon! :)


  1. It is so sweet. Very nice work.

  2. absolutely stunning my dear...I came across you by way of glad I hopped...if ever you would like to be a guest and do any tut to have you...they would just gobble you up...x
    my best at

  3. Super cute. And I love the little guy next to the pillow, too. You're getting me into the Christmas-sewing mood... ;)

  4. I am totally in love with your pillow case and the embroidery pattern. You have inspired me. Thank you!!

  5. super darling pillow! i want it. :)

  6. sweet pillow... you're inspiring me to finish up some holiday projects I've left laying around, too. (and cute mosaic, ;) xo amy


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