Tuesday, October 11, 2011

back to the farm!

This last month I took a little vacation away from the farm!! I sure missed being a farmers wife, and have had a little work to do since I've been back to catch up with all my farmers wife friends!! :) For catching up, this last week I've gotten 8 blocks done, and have 4 more to do this week and then I'll be back on track!! Yippee!!

I hope you don't mind an abundance of photos, with 8 new blocks there are lots of pictures. :) These two are Flock and Square Dance.

{34} Flock
I had actually done this one when I had first started doing the farmers wife blocks but I didn't like it so threw it out! I'd been wanting to re-make it, so this is the new one, and I sure like it much better!! :)

{85} Square Dance
This one I change a little. The triangles should be facing the other direction with the point going towards the center square, but I liked it with the points going outward. I made it with the oh so cute, Tiny Reader fabric from my sweet friend Ariel!!

The next two are Old Windmill and Northern Lights!

{62} Old Windmill
I did this one a lot like how I did broken dishes. I love them with the white!! It sure makes the colors pop!!

{61} Northern Lights
I just had to break into a fat eights set of Ruby !! I love all the pin dots, florals, and scallops (I used some in the old windmill block too)!!

These two are Windows and Honey's Choice!!

{109} Windows
This one is one of my favorites!! I just love the Atsuko Matsuyama fabric and this was a perfect block to use it in!!

{50} Honey's Choice
More pin dots and Atsuko Matsuyama fabric!! :)

The last two are Friendship Star and Seasons!!

{41} Friendship Star
Leciens Antique flowers and one of my favorite polka dots from the Swell collection by Urban Chicks!

{77} Seasons
Do you recognize the pretty floral and polka dot fabric? That is the vintage fabric I had got on my ocean trip! The sweet vintage fabric worked perfect for this block!!

I love how they look together!! So pretty and fresh with bright colors!!

I forgot how much I really love making these blocks, and am so glad to be working on them again!!


  1. Very pretty! I always love your color combinations!

  2. What pretty fabric! Your blocks look awesome and love that all your points match.

  3. cute cute! love them all! time for me to get going again too. :)

  4. Your farmer blocks look great! Someday I will actually get started on mine.

  5. Kerri, I'm TOTALLY copying you on the Old Windmill design ... love how you positioned your colors. ;)

    Did you get my reply on Etsy? Lemme know when you post both bundles for me, kay?


  6. Love the blocks and the fabric, too precious.

  7. Such beautiful fabric choices you've made. The blocks look adorable.

    S x

  8. your blocks are so pretty!! I love your choices of fabrics and colors. :)

  9. I've only just found your lovely blog and am so glad I have! Your quilt blocks are sooo gorgeous, and the colours you use are the clear fresh ones I love the best!
    Helen x

  10. Beautiful! I love the fabric choices. ;0

  11. Gorgeous colour combinations they are such pretty colours x


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