Friday, November 12, 2010

happiness in hoops!

sorry for such a late post, but i just had to share!! :) today i received my scrappy hoop from the oh so sweet, colette!! it is the one i was really hoping for!! it is even cuter in person too!! i absolutely adore it!! she used a design called "february" from sarah jane!! i've always loved sarah janes illustrations, so am thrilled to have a scrappy hoop made from one. i also read on soule mama that she'll be having a fabric line available this spring through michael miller!! oh, i can't wait!! :)

i also added the finishing touch to my hoop, that is now ready to go in the mail to my partner! i sure hope you like it!!

Hope you have a fabulous week-end!!


  1. wow Kerri - they are both great! The one you are sending is adorable and the one you received is just so cute!

  2. they are both too adorable! I knew I should have jumped in on this swap....but I was nervous about I am just jealous!!

  3. The one you received OH I am SO JEALOUS!! I love the finished one for your partner too with the puddle underneath the rabbit:)

  4. just beautiful! I love Sarah Jane studios!

  5. Dear Kerry, you are reaching perfection. Your work looks like drawing only better. I really cannot undertand how you do it! Thumbs up from Greece.


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