Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little cuteness!

For quite some time I've had this simply adorable Story Time illustration that I had gotten from Tasha, but the only problem was I didn't have the right frame for it. There were some 8 X 8 frames I had found on Etsy but I really wanted something a little bigger, so the hunt began!! I love having a reason to be able to stop by the thrift stores often. And of course I even enjoyed searching for other treasures while looking for the right frame. :) After a few months I was so excited when I found a square frame. I spotted it from quite a few yards away and just about quelled. It was pretty ugly but with a little paint and sanding it would be like new!!

For the paint I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch spray paint in Satin Aqua. I backed the illustration with Sweetwaters, Sunkissed, Picnic Plaid in Misty Grey, that I had just gotten in for the shop!! I really love how it turned out!!

For Easter we enjoyed the lovely day with family!! The weather had been beautiful all week long and then for Sunday came the rain. However, the sun did shine for a few hours so we were able to enjoy an easter egg hunt outside. YEAH!!

All my little munchkins!!

I ended up going simple and made the girls skirts. They were pretty picky this year and made it pretty clear they didn't want dresses. I had planned on doing the zig zag skirt but time ran out.

I used the Twirly Skirt tutorial but changed the dimensions so it wouldn't be quite as full. I also added a sweet vintage hankie for a little apron. The best part was that my girls LOVED them!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday too!!


  1. Those skirts are so very cute!!

  2. Cute skirts. I love the vintage hankie. Nice work.

  3. aaaaww what a lovely photo of your little family 6 little ones wow you must have your hands full but with magic memories and lots of sweet moments. I adore those little skirts what beautiful fabric and such a cute idea with the hankie. Have a lovely week, dee x

  4. OH my goodness....how cute are those skirts!!? I really love both of them.

    I love how you framed the illustration...it's perfection!! Thanks for showing it. :)

  5. Cute little framed Story Time!! Love how sweet it is.

    The children are adorable. The skirts look fabulous.

  6. Your children are precious! What lucky kids to have such a great Mom!!!


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