Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i heart my mail lady... she was sooo kind this week and brought me some of the most lovely packages!! My week started off with this lovely pillow arriving that I had been crossing my fingers for from The Pillow Talk {Swap}, one of Heather and I's groups. Isabel did an amazing job with all the details. She even sent me some of one of my favorite fabrics and cute little red riding hood ribbon that I have been drooling over from afar, as I am unable to get it here in the US. THANKS so much Isabel!

a picture with both my pillows from the pillow talk swap rounds! I love them both!!

Isabel also sent some yummy umbrella chocolates for my six kiddos! This was the most exciting event for them! They LOVED them!!

I've also just received these two wonderful embroidery pieces from John and Crystal from the Hoop Up! Stitch & Send Swap. Aren't the perfect! :)

This adorable one is from John! A cute little red riding hood sleeping in the forest with all her animal friends watching over her. How cute is that! He also sent the cutest little deer coin purse! I have already hid it so my girls won't steal it! ;) THANKS, John for a fun side swap!

A sweet Little Red Riding Hood with her animal friends, the birds, mousie, and turtle! Too cute!! Thanks, Crystal!

Now I better get busy on mine. I have an idea of what I'm doing for the pillow talk swap. I'm also working on a cute embroidery right now, so make sure to come back to see pics of that soon. :)


  1. I LOVE love love the little red riding hood pillow!

  2. what a lovely stuff!!
    i'm having a giveaway of embroidery paterns (designed by my sister) if you want to check out!

  3. hi there:)))
    I'm so glad you liked my little package!
    I love that picture of your beautiful children with chocolate umbrellas,these are Portuguese chocolate:))
    my son just said: looks they have an chocolate umbrella :D

  4. What a beautiful mail day! The kids look so cute!

  5. What will you do with the embroidered squares? I have been embroidering squares, and am wondering what to do with them. Love all the beautiful fabric and pillows shown! :)

  6. Lucky pillow recipient! And your babies are too cute:)

  7. What a great mail day for sure! That little coin purse is so cute!

  8. The pillows are wonderful!!!

  9. What fun mail!!! I love it all, but those little faces are the best!

  10. you did get lucky in the mail! lots of beautiful stuff... i especially like your new pillow!

  11. Wow~ how lovely! Beautiful swap packages --and what beautiful children enjoying their treats, too! :-)
    That's it, I may have to plug my machine back in tomorrow. I need my own red riding hood pillow!

  12. Super duper pillow, and it strangely matches the kind of colours we're used to seeing on your blog...


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